Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Home Care Nurse Warning: TMI!

 In my continuing battle with Golden Years My Butt I sat down on the pot for my first dump since my Tuesday surgical procedure. Seems the various pain meds and and the ones that kept me still and quiet while they hacked holes in my groin tend to stop one up. So I sat down on the pot and promply stopped up the terlet.

 So I was fighting that with the plunger and that drill widget when the home health care nurse showed up to check out Linda Lou. The poor home health care nurse just knew I was being eaten by crocodiles or run over by a rhino.

 Well, anyhow the nurse changed the dressing on Linda Lou's knee and did everything according to the book. She was then nice enough to change the dressing on my two incisions and it seems they are healing nicely. Oddly the right side is more bruised up than the left side but the left is a little more painful. It's not unbearable, it doesn't hurt to stand, walk, sit or lie down, the pain is when I go from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. Since nobody planned on cutting the right side, nobody shaved it which makes the daily dressing change an adventure.

 It's not unbearable, though and the Doc says that my activities are "as tolerated". So I told Linda Lou that I can't tolerate her arguing with me. I am doing no major cooking, I fed her a microwave Panini and BBQ Baked Lays chips and then the next night we made a supper out of Chili con queso on tortilla chips.That's the Ro-Tel tomatoes and green chiles and a tad of regular Salsa Picante and Velveeta. Think I'll go back to regular cooking tomorrow.I have some really pretty skinless, boneless chicken breats and a couple of nice ribeyes in the freezer. Sure don't want 'em to be in there long enough for freezer burn.

 Linda Lou is also healing nicely. Her stitches are already out. The physical terrorist came by and she's starting on her routine. The last batch had her riding the bus to the county seat where they had a physical therapy pool and then to the little dorf nearest us for dry land PT.

 In other news the drunken neighbor that insists my German Shepherd is a dangerous attack dog has his big dogs running loose, One of which dug under my fence to get to CAP.I haven't managed to get close enough to him to dust him with the number nine birdshot from a .45 Colt shotshell yet. I would really like to simply sting his butt with no permanent damage but I can't have him teaching Princess how to get out. I'll try again after my morning pills when my hand is steadier. I hate to hurt critters.

 The good news is that I got the pot unplugged and, eventually, the nasty water off the floor in there. I think the next time I have a surgical procedure I'll go use the John at Wally World or Mickey D's.

 Yeah, well I warned you.


pamibe said...

LOL! Yep, you warned us. :D

Glad y'all are on the mend! It's great that Linda Lou can start physical therapy already; that's wonderful! Probably doesn't feel good, but at least she's moving in a positive direction.

Mrs. Who said...

Kind Sir: Please heal quickly, the both of you!

And it's your blog...the TMI can be whatever you want it to be.