Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So, What Besides Voting Republican Is A Crime In Hollywood?

I was not going to comment on the arrest of Roman Polanski on this blog because I do not like to curse on this blog and the actions of the Hollywood elite flocking to this pervert's defense makes me want to emit a long, loud and colorful string of ugly words.

I did not grow up in Hollywood's country. I grew up in a country where the protection of children was every one's job. Didn't have children? Still your job to hep protect them. Remember that country? A country where every year a few people would drown leaping into the water trying to save a child.

Those people, had they lived would have refused the name of hero, just as did those who jumped in and saved the kid and survived. Ordinary people who grew up on the rules and the first rule was save the children. The second rule was women and children first. The third rule was something along the line of first my family, then my country, then me.

I miss that country. They called it the United States of America. Anyone seen her? She seems to be missing. Keep an eye on your milk cartons, maybe we'll see her picture.

Roman Polanski plead guilty. In the Grand Jury testimony his victim stated that he forcibly raped and sodomized her and, in an action that should have all of Hollywood screaming for his scalp, didn't use a condom. Yet none of this bothers Hollywood.

Hollywood is claiming judicial misconduct in this case. Now I don't know about the country Hollywood lives in but the United States of America has ways where a person can get redress from judicial misconduct and it does not include skipping the country and living in luxury for well over thirty years.

If there is judicial misconduct one gets redress by appealing, not running. Nor am I sure there was judicial misconduct. I do not know how they work a plea bargain in whatever country Hollywood is in but here in Texas the defense attorneys sit down with the folks from the prosecutor's office and work out a deal, then they take it to the judge who can, though (s)he usually doesn't completely throw the whole thing out.

Funny, though. If the judge throws the plea agreement out the accused may change his plea. The jurisdictions I am familiar with are not even allowed to bring the abortive plea agreement up at trial.

Hollywood is claiming that the victim "looked older than 13" and that her stage mother threw her at an unsuspecting Polanski. The truth, a concept Hollywood has trouble with, is that, since the girl was underage, Polanski had to get her mother to sign a release. Actually, three releases, one for Polanski, one for the mother and girl and one for record. Each of these had the girl's age of thirteen on it. Now this is not a case of hand grenades or horseshoes where close earns points, the girl was thirteen when the age of consent was 16. I believe it is eighteen now there.

This was not even close. Now, admittedly I've seen some teenaged girls that were actually pretty buxom and I have, on occasion, privately wondered how their fathers let them out like that. I've learned not to say anything because of the large percentage of young women who do not have functional fathers.

Still, it is impossible for Polanski to have made a mistake. The very fact that he had to have that release showed him that the girl was not fair game. So the other main argument the Polanski fans are using is phony. This should be no surprise considering who those Polanski fans are.

I do not understand leftists. They stand around claiming that us evil right wingers are against women and that only they can be trusted to watch out for women's interests. Except when Teddy Kennedy leaves one to die slowly in a submerged car and then spends an entire career treating women like dog poop he accidentally stepped in. And except for Bill Clinton who made the entire left switch courses on a dime from there is no permissible sexual contact between a powerful man and a powerless woman to it's a private matter. The left makes these course changes so seamlessly that the only way to notice they've changed course is to dig the old newspapers out of the trash and try to read them through the bacon grease and coffee grounds. You cannot even tell a lefty that you don't understand the change because the lefty will deny ever changing course and if you actually have saved something they've written they will immediately emit a huge cloud of words on how that Lieutenant Commander at the Tailhook party is so much more powerful than the President of the United States of America. That torrent of words will not convince you, of course, it does not even convince the lefty. All it does is make you sick of trying to talk to that lefty.

And now we have Whoopi Goldberg saying, on national TV no less, that feeding Champagne and Qualude to a thirteen year old girl, then forcibly raping and sodomizing her isn't rape rape. It's something else but not rape rape. Actually Whoopi is right only not the way she means, it's not rape rape but rape sodomy. The question in my mind is just how many times in a row did Woopi's momma drop her on the head on that concrete floor? Here is another question I have about Whoopi. To be on a talk show shouldn't she be taught simple English? Rape rape. It wasn't rape rape. You realize, of course, that they PAY this woman to say things like this. Rape rape. No wonder I have a headache and my butt is sore from sitting.

Update: In the comments Sparrow reminded me that I managed to get the age of consent backwards in my post. When Polanski drugged and raped, then anally raped that thirteen year old girl the age of consent was eighteen. It was later, probably at the request of Hollywood stars, lowered to sixteen.

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