Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Am Preparing To Weigh 350 Pounds And Rising

One of my little pleasures is just clicking on random commenter's names as I click my way around the Intertubez. I find a lot of blogs that I never want to go back to, I find a lot of other blogs that are just flat out great reading.

I often click away from a really great blog without remembering to put it into my bookmarks, then wishing I remembered anything but how informative, fun or otherwise valuable it was.

Yesterday I clicked on a site that is a recipe site, plus. This is a site that is informative about recipes but there are a lot of those. In addition to being informative, it's also fun. The writing is so skilled that I just dream I could write like that. She writes so well that I stayed up all night reading her stuff, so well that I enjoyed reading about stuff I did not care about, finding myself caring and worrying.

Just about anyone can write about what interests me and I'll enjoy it, this young woman is better than that. I am probably the last person in the world to not know about Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman. I'm pretty sure that the whole Blogosphere has this site in their bookmarks but no one told me about it because it's a plot!

Or maybe y'all are just trying to save me. I look at these recipes and I'm pretty sure that if I eat them for or five times a week the Fire Department will have to use the jaws of life to open the doorways up enough for me to get out the doors.

I stayed up all night reading her blog, again, reading subjects that bore the pants off me, normally. Her story of how a city girl, stopping at her parents small town, country club home for a while as she moved from her LA home to her Chicago law school and further big city life was suddenly derailed when she met a rancher and accidentally fell in love, threw her plans out the window and became a country girl, living twenty-five miles outside the resume speed sign of small town America is poetry. I could not stop reading this romance and folks, I do not read romances. I read westerns. I read action novels. I read political books and I read books on shooting and ballistics. I do not read romances. I am not planning to start reading romances. I am not particularly in touch with my feminine side, I think I got a postcard from it back in 1992 or so but I do not read romances.

So my explanation for this is just flat out great writing. Or maybe Linda Lou has been grinding up her hormone pills and mixing 'em into my coffee. Hmmm.

Anyhow, this seems to be a pretty popular blog, I know this because there are like 400 comments on some posts, there were 168, so far on the latest post, again, something that ordinarily not bother to read. Her photography is as good as her writing, her recipes frighten me. I think if her husband would allow it I'd move up there and offer to have her babies if she'd feed me. Anyhow, if my link id lame, she'll be on my sidebar. If you already know, just point and laugh. If, BTW, you don't know, go there. Go there now. Read the recipes, look at the pictures. Even if you don't cook the recipes, the picures will show you what heaven might be like where we can eat whatever we wish and not worry about needing a block and tackle and five men with crowbars to get out of our chairs.

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