Friday, October 02, 2009

Waiting For Pie

I'm still simply flabbergasted about Hollywood's support for confessed child rapist Roman Polanski. I mean even if that is the way these chowderheads think, should not have someone quietly whisper in their ears a little something about who buys movie tickets? Just because the last good movie out of Hollywood was The Shootist does not mean they should deliberately try to alienate the populace.

There is a parcel of land not far from here, a couple-three hundred acres, lots of rolling pasture and some oak woods, we could build a few sound stages and make movies out here, no child molesters allowed. Of course, this being Texas I'm pretty sure those who like to drug and rape thirteen year olds would voluntarily stay out.

Funny, though, all these sophisticates on the coasts love to talk about those of us in flyover country and our unsavory ways, how they like to talk about us sleeping with our sisters and such. Well, it doesn't get more sophisticated than Polanski, now, does it?

It's going to be a very long month, the way the system works is we get our retirement checks on the fourth Wednesday of the month. So, this last month ended on the fifth Wednesday and so the fourth Wed seems like it will be forever getting here. Not going to be many steaks over blue cheese and onion sauce.

Luckily, there will be pie. At least the one cooling in the kitchen now, plus the blueberry one later in the month. Linda Lou backed me a dark sweet cherry pie tonight and if I don't pass out from exhaustion before it's cool enough to eat I'll have a big piece for lunch tomorrow.

Is there something odd about it being a big deal to get store bought canned pie filling in a store bought crust? To think, I married this woman for her cooking. Fooled me. Oh well, she married me for my money. Fooled her!

There is a very good article in The American Thinker by Robin of Berkeley questioning whether Obama is evil or is an empty suit being run by evil people. I do lean toward the empty suit, he does not seem to do anything as President except constantly holler "look at me, I'm President!" He has allowed the Donk Congresscritters to completely take over his legislative agenda. A couple of the commenters have mentioned his empty eyes as evidence of evil, just as likely they're evidence of emptiness. I could be persuaded either way. As a matter of fact I don't see any good reason he can't be empty and evil.

I don't have a whole lot to say, I think I wrote myself out. Don't be surprised if I'm not back here until Monday unless something exciting shows up in the news.

Update: Back when I had a faint chance of seeing my feet while standing Linda Lou made cheesecakes once in a while. She often used dark sweet cherry pie filling to top it. So, the other week when we were going through the Dallas suburb where some of our doctors are I stopped in an Albertsons and bought some. Linda Lou used this for that pie. Note. Use this pie filling as a topping, perhaps over pancakes or waffles, maybe half and half with tart cherries. This pie filling is much too sweet to use alone in a pie. Believe me, when I say something is too sweet, it's too sweet. My normal diet would turn Ichabod Crane diabetic.

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