Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Few Days

It's been a busy couple of days and I have been neglecting doing any writing. Nothing is wrong, the usual payday errands one day followed by a Doc's appointment the next with a grandson's birthday party this evening. Gas prices what they are we just wandered about the fringes of Dallas from the late morning appointment to the late afternoon party.

Note to anyone old enough to remember the Reagan Administration. If you go to a child's birthday party at Mac Donald's, sneak some earplugs in your ears. They do not believe in soundproofing and the screeching echos!

Texas Railroad Commissioner (The position is a heck of a lot more important than it sounds, the TRC regulates oil production, among other things) Michael Williams has a great article on race in the Austin American Statesman Mr. Williams who happens to be black is running for the US Senate. I'm supporting him, not because f his race or gender but because he would be a relief from the RINO that holds the seat now. The funny thing is, Senator Hutchinson used to be a strong Republican. I guess it is true, hanging around Washington, DC just kills Republicans after a while. I guess it's the way a strong Republican is a social outcast up there so, after a few years they "moderate" and become exactly like the people we sent them up to fight.

Anyhow, look at Mr. Williams' article. I think it's what Mr. Obama should have said and I am going to try to respond to it from my own perpective. This will probably take a day or two. Wish me luck on that, a dead ringer for a white guy talking about race.

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