Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poland And Other Stories

I was flipping around the Blogosphere and seeing all these folks wondering why Obama is pulling our protection away from Poland, one of America's staunchest allies. Aside from the fact that Obama is not and has not had any interest in America's traditional allies, (see Britain and Israel) there is the minor detail of Obama being mostly interested in domestic politics. Obama is a creature of Chicago politics. The Polish American community is a strong part of Chicago politics, vying with the black community for power, patronage and influence. Obama, with his domestic view of politics does not mind hurting Poland and, being a leftist, does not care about potential deaths. Please quit thinking that leftists care whether actual human beings live or die, read their writings. The left is all about how humanity is a plague upon Holy Mother Gaia and how there are way to many of us.

There is much angst about overpopulation on the left, their arguments are not how we should live and be well, how we should feed our billions but whether the human population should be one billion, five hundred million or less. The left never speaks aloud how they're going to reach this nirvana of low population, nor who gets to choose. The left simply assumes that they will choose.

Somehow the left will manage to kill off all the evil white people and most of the black and brown, while they sit, triumphantly in their beautiful coastal cities, kings and queens of all they survey. Since about one tenth of one percent of leftists know how to do little unimportant things like run a power station or grow food I'm not sure exactly how that will work. Not to mention that their side is not the side that has the guns. Every time I mention that, though, the left screeches that I'm making threats. Um, no, I'm just pointing out the obvious. Not that many lefty types can see the obvious. Otherwise they'd know that ending the United States military power will mean that their buds in the Jihadist movement would kill them. Lefties sure are smart, just ask them.

Speaking of smart lefties, did anyone notice Obama campaigning on cutting our deployed nuclear weapon count from thousands to hundreds? Maybe I just missed it, after all, I only spend twelve to sixteen hours a day on the 'net reading mostly political blogs. Now, y'all will have to pardon me for being a pore dumb redneck but it seems that with Iran nuking up, the Norks testing nukes, all such a great surprise to our CIA, perhaps us turning loose of our nukes might just be a tad mistimed. Never might be a better time for us to get rid of our nukes. Now, if we were to get rid of many of our nukes by setting them off over places like Qom and North Korea, fine, I'd go for that. Just just to throw them out like the "clunkers" they "glassed", should we not talk about this? Should we not have an election cycle or two where one side says lets cut way back and the other side says lets not? Instead we had an election cycle where most Dems that were not in absolutely safe House districts running to the right of their Republican opponents and Obama running as a centrist.

Obama and the rest of the left live in this dream world they have created in their heads. A dream world where we get rid of missile defense and nukes, then when the killing starts it will not be them and their children. The believe that after all of the things they are working for (but won't tell us about) not only will they still be running things. No, not only will they still be running things after all of those "wrong" people are dead, but that there will still be farmers growing food, people running power plants and mechanics fixing their new hybrid cars. Oh yeah, and auto companies making them. Dream worlders.

It is bad enough that we let people like the Obamas run loose, uninstitutionalized, we've elected him to high office.

Now, of course, Obama is trying to figure out a way to bail on Afghanistan, after campaigning on it being the now central front in the War, only it's not a war anymore. All those guys and gals wearing funny clothes carrying M16s? Those are not Soldiers, Marines and Airmen, they're Overseas Contigency Operators. (I hope that the men and women on those big gray canoes are still Sailors, though) So unimportant that when Obambi went to bestow the Medal of Honor on the family of Jared C. Monti, Michelle wore a party dress and Obambi a tie to match it. No clue, these people have no clue about the men and women of the military, nor their families.

We might as well get used to it, we have a new strategy in our Overseas Contingency Operations. One which will kill as many snuffies as possible* while making absolutely sure that no victory is possible. As a matter of fact we'll soon have liberals loudly proclaim that there is no such thing as victory. Or are libs already proclaiming that?

* Are Infantry troops still called Snuffies?

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