Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Million Kid March On 9/12

I could not make it to Washington, DC, my pension check won't go near that far. I would have liked to go but it just wasn't in the cards. Instead we took a drive in the rain to the north of Dallas suburb where the million kid march was held.

I wish I understood persactly what it is about city folks that makes them unable to drive on the freeway without stopping for no apparent reason, in traffic, in the raid. Dear city people. If you maintain a decent space between your car and the car in front, those folks trying to merge into traffic can do so. And it is not a death insult for someone to merge in front of you. When someone is trying to pull on the freeway, let them. Someday you might want to merge onto a freeway. Dear other city people: when trying to merge on the freeway, do not go to the end of the onramp and stop. If you must stop, stop down where you can accelerate to traffic speed and look for a hole that will be there when you get to speed.

So we got there alive, only two scare the pants off near wrecks, we were actually a tad early. A short prayer of thanks and in we went.

The first Uh-oh was that, while we weren't around, Josiah went into that shy phase of childhood. Instead of a hug we got: run away! Hide! Mmmph! The good Lord should not allow kids to hide from Gramps.

Anyhow we got in, the kids had set up one of those little bouncy "castles" and a good thing, too. Seems that the Lord had decided to bring rain to Texas for a few days. The roof on the patio was barely big enough to keep the rain off. Without the bouncy castle the house would have been destroyed down to the slab.

William still wants to be the star of the show. Josiah is cute as a bug, unless he gets some awful affliction he will be the bane of fathers with daughters in a little over a decade. And Karson, when last seen was just taking a few steps and then, plump! Down on his bottom. Now he's walking like a seasoned infantryman.

Karson's main problem began when he got fascinated by the green bow on one of the presents and got his hand slapped the third time he took it off the package. The tears rolled even after I promised he could have it after the presents were opened. And I thought I had such an honest face.

The million kid march started really well with the cutting and serving of the cake. The cake was a lot fancier than we used to get back in the 1950s, featuring some cartoon kid I never heard of. When I tried to organize a chant about keep your hands off my health care it turned into Happy Birthday.

Oh well, too soon it was over and homeward we went. Because, in spite of a big piece of birthday cake, my stomach was flapping, we stopped at Taco Bueno on the way home. One of the few downsides to living in the country is that there are few good fast food joints anywhere near.

We got home to two frantic Pugs and a soaking wet German Shepherd that got to stay in the backyard until it was almost time for Linda Lou to go to bed. CAP is certainly the last big dog of my life, I shoud not have bought her as a puppy but she loves us too much, and vice versa, for us to send her to German shepherd Rescue.

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