Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Obama Infiltrates An Enemy Camp And Lives

So, put your own guy in charge of the Afgan Overseas Contingency Operation*. Then when your guy tells you he needs some forty thousand+ more troops wait around for months and decide to give him thirty thousand and, oh by the way, they're all out of there sometime in 2011.

Announce this at West Point, where boys are turned into Regular Army Officers. These kids will be the Second Lieutenants, the ones with the life expectancy of a Mayfly in heavy combat. I cannot remember off the top of my head whether it was the United States Military Academy (West Point) Class of 1950 or 1951 that was almost wiped out in Korea but it doesn't really matter. A Class of the future leaders of the Army was nearly wiped out, those Cadets know it. So does the top brass in the Services, you don't eat the seed corn. That, of course, is why we had the Lt. Calley types, in their eagerness to protect the future leaders they neglected having enough competent leaders then.

Chis Matthews, he of the tingling thighs, described Oboma as going into an enemy Camp for this speech. He might be right. I suspect those Cadets know who values their lives. This may explain the paucity of applause in that speech tonight. It's a pretty tough thing to not be able to trust your Commander in Chief.

Speaking of trust, just how is anyone going to trust the United States? What are we going to see after the Great Skedaddle of 2011? Well, let us look back to Viet nam, the War Democrats Love. After Saigon fell and became Ho Chi Minh City the surviving military and police were sent to reeducation camps, the higher the rank, the longer the stay. Many were killed. The crippled veterans of the South got no pensions, of course. After the police and military got out of the "reeducation" camps they were forbidden any decent jobs.

If anything, the Taliban is more bloodthirsty than the North Viets. So, tell me again why, the next time anything, anywhere, gets ugly, anyone should bet their future on the United States. Oh, and tell me what happens to the Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal after the Americans leave.

Democrats love to talk about how much they love the little guy. Of course they do everything they can to see little guys die. If the Dems had got their way, Iraq would have been a bloodbath, just like Cambodia was. Of course it was during the Democrat rule of LBJ's day when the TOG Rule was codified. TOG or They're Only Gooks was very important. Transpose a couple of characters while calling in artillery and kill half a platoon of ARVNs? No problem, TOG Rule! Misjudge the wind and drop bombs on a Ville instead of the bad guys? TOG Rule.

The only difference today is the Dems don't want Americans involved at all. The new TOG Rule for the Dems is that only foreigners should do the killing. I'm not sure they don't like it when Americans die, after all there sure are a lot of abortions, and the Dems in charge of New Orleans sure didn't bother doing anything but complain before, during and after Katrina, They just hate to pay for having Armed Forces.

Oh, in case anyone thinks I only complain about Democrats, Huckabee sure did act like a gutless wonder in his statement about his commutation of the sentence of that Clemmons scumbag who seems to have shot down those LEOs in Washington State. Huckabee could have actually taken a bit of responsibility but then, that wouldn't be the Huck we all know and love.

*War is a lot easier to spell.

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