Friday, December 18, 2009


So I was wondering what all those fancy pants Yankees were doing talking about a brand of not very good eatin' tobacco and then I realised they were talking about a conference on how to turn the whole world into Zimbabwe. We'd all be money ahead if, instead they all got a chaw. Not Copenhagen, though, something good like Brown's Mule.

So, what have we learned about the environmentalists through this? Well let's see, the fifth largest oil exporting nation is run by a feller name of Hugo Chavez. Since he took over Venezuela their standard of living has dropped every year. He go a standing O at Copenhagen. Oh, and their clean up efforts have dropped, too.

Who else is a hero at Copenhagen? Oh yeah, Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Never mind that the population of Zimbabwe are dropping like flies, he got a nice chance to speak. Can someone explain to me why a thug like Ogabe isn't shot on sight?

Speaker after speaker ragged on the evils of capitalism and yet it is the capitalist countries of the world with the cleanest environments. Socialist countries have no money to clean up, the egalitarian socialist leaders steal it all. Kind of like the Czars in a certain unnamed administration.

Now I realise that most of the leaders of the environmental movement are watermelons, green on the outside, red on the inside but do the followers of these idiots not have eyes? Have the whole stinking world lost the ability to look at pictures of the Soviet Union when it was going? Or China? Has not one of these followers looked at what was West Germany and East Germany, even today?

The places where the heroes of the leaders of the environmental movement run, you can't drink the water. You have to be very careful eating the vegetables because of the heavy metal and human waste in the soil, meanwhile, the places they want to destroy are the cleanest. A thought're thirsty. Pour yourself a glass of tap water and drink it. Do you want that glass of tap water from the poorest town in the United States or the richest town in Zimbabwe? A middle class neighborhood in Venezuela or the USA?

Why is anyone listening to these knuckleheads? It's not just internationally, either. Right here in the USA we actually have people listening to the idiots who ran our great cities and states into the ground. Why does no one tell the governor of Michigan to sit down and shut up? The Mayor of Chicago should not be able to step outside for fear of the rocks thrown by citizens. The Governator of Cal-lee-forn-ya ought to be slapped in the face with the flat of a shovel every time he tells folks to conserve energy while he commutes from the Los angles area to Sacramento every working day.

It is past time we stop putting up with this load of horse, er, ah, fertilizer. The very next time any of these environmental or climate idiots tells you anything at all, tell 'em, fine, you first. If they tell you about energy use, tell 'em, fine, you cut down below my level and then I'll cut down. They tell you about population, tell 'em, fine, you drop dead and I'll see what that does for the environment.

It is time we stop letting these dimbulbs push us around.

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