Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sarah And The Political Establishment

I've been thinking about why the Republican Establishment hates Sarah Palin almost as much as the Democrats do. My first thought is that once in office she brought down a couple of crooked Republicans.

Then I think that she does not need the political establishment, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans. Just look at the folks waiting in freezing weather overnight to get a book signed when it's really easy to get the book from Amazon with no freezing and no lines.

I don't recall anyone sitting outside bookstores all night in freezing weather for Obama's books nor for Hilary!. This scares the foo out of establishment politicians of all stripes. To not need the handlers! To not care what the Davis Frums think? To be able to connect with real people without a speechwriter? Blasphemy!

No, establishment pols love Obama, he cannot create a coherent sentence without his teleprompter. This means plenty of jobs for the establishment pols. This, by the way, is why the establishment pols are pushing this two thousand plus page "health care" bill through Congress, even knowing that for many it is electoral suicide. Why should they care about elections with all of these lovely political jobs in those pages? There are so many boards and panels in these bills that every single Congresscritter could be voted out and the Obama gang could appoint each of them to lead one. The trouble is, those Congresscritters have no reason at all to believe the Obama gang won't throw them under that same bus everyone else has been thrown under.

That bus must have that jacked up suspension and the giant tires from the monster truck rallies. I wonder what the carbon footprint is?

Speaking of Carbon footprints, I wonder what the carbon footprint is of all those government creeps and NGO waterheads in Copenhagen is? Let's see here, strong evidence of fudged data and a whole slew of people that want us little guys to starve while freezing in the dark while they jet around from feast to feast. Um, don't you think they would have disarmed us first before trying this nonsense?

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