Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scattershooting While Wondering Whatever to Silent Lew Walt

I am somewhat agog over the three SEAL Team members being charged with multiple "felony" charges and facing heavy penalties for allegedly giving the Jihadi that killed, beheaded and otherwise mutilated four Americans and who knows how many others, a fat lip.

All three of these men have had millions of dollars of training. Just going though BUD?S training is far more difficult than Harvard Law. I've never seen anyone in Law School have to run through soft sand while carrying full gear and an inflatable boat.

These men claim the Jihadi scumbag was in good shape when they turned him over to the Iraqis. Aside from the fact that I could, if I wanted, give myself a split lip just by bashing my face against the desk, why does anyone care? Maybe the scumbag did it himself, maybe the Iraqis did it. How on earth is anyone going to prove, beyond a doubt, that it was one, or more, of these SEALs? Furthermore, any of the Special Operators knows how to inflict massive pain without ever leaving a mark. Heck, any old street cop knows that.

Meanwhile, here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, that crowd of SEIU thugs that beat and stomped Kenneth Gladney while calling him bigoted names have finally been charged. With misdemeanors.

So, lets all get this straight. Go through the toughest training the in the country under the worst conditions, chasing the lowest, most violent people in the world, all for the pay of a MacDonald's Assistant Manager and get charged with multiple felonies for a possible split lip that could have been the result of others. Oh and in today's Service just going through a court martial is a career ender, no matter the verdict. Yet in all the hoo-rah about hate crimes in the civilian side, leftists get charged with misdemeanors for beating, stomping and using racial slurs to a black man.

And there is a big uproar over Glenn Beck saying that people should not reenlist. Sorry, I agree with Glenn. I came back from the Southeast Asian War Games. I remember how it was.Anyone wearing Uncle's suit right now will be a damned fool to take any chance at all of getting hurt, anywhere. We have an administration that loves SEIU and hates the military. And please do not wave Joe Biden's hee-row son at me.In spite of that stupid television show they had a few years back JAG Officers biggest risk is a paper cut. And many of the Jag Offs act like they are on the other side in this war. Many of them swallowed the kool aid in those liberal schools. I would bet that at least a third of the military lawyers would cheerfully throw the whole Armed Services into the toilet. It was, though, a good way to get Uncle Samuel to pay for law school.

If I was wearing Uncle's suit I'd go on sick call tomorrow with back trouble. If not back trouble, some kind of psychological woe, anything that would keep me from going downrange. Fifty-eight thousand of my brothers (and a few sisters) have their names on a black granite wall in Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands of us were injured. And for what? I look at comments about this on other sites and see base calumny against my brothers and sisters in arms. I see idiots talking about the drugs in the Services during that war, I see the blather about fragging officers. That has grown to mythic proportions.Sure there were drugs, far less than in the same age group on Civvie Street, though. And, yes, there were some fraggings, not near as many as now thought, though. One thing that make me sure that fragging wasn't very common is that I put it into Google and the entire first page was lefty sites. If fragging was a real problem the first page would be military sites examining ways to solve the problem.

Actually, there were probably more officers and staff NCOs killed by their own men in WW2 than Viet Nam, more as a percentage. There is no one as pragmatic as a combat soldier. They'll put up with a lot of chicken droppings but they won't put up with someone incompetent enough to endanger their lives.

We went up to Plano to our daughter's for Thanksgiving dinner, didn't get pictures. Linda Lou made her famous dark sweet cherry cheesecake and I, for the first time in my life, made cranberry sauce. I had several recipes to choose from, I mostly used Rhee Drummand's.Her's calls for maple syrup instead of any kind of sugar. Trouble is, the only maple syrup out here is in a twelve ounce bottle (and is REAL expensive) and I didn't have quite enough for the two bags of cranberries. So, since the other recipe called for brown sugar I just added some of that until it wasn't too tart. I must say, it's better than Ocean Spray canned sauce. Next year, though, only one bag of cranberries. I keep forgetting, most everyone else is some kind of heathen and eats turkey without cranberry sauce. And Michael and Jeniffer took their kids down to San Antone to celebrate with her parents.

Well, those are my adventures. I'll probably have more to say about this SEAL mess. Like how come the Defense Dept crowd covered up all those red flags about that Nidal creep but is going pedal to the metal about the guys on the Teams?

Oh, and Lew Walt? A good Kansas boy who disgraced himself by moving to Ft. Collins, Colorado, then joining the Corps after getting a commission in the National Guard after ROTC in college. He earned two Navy Cross Medals, among other awards and retired as Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps. The first ever to earn the rank of General. If we had men like Silent Lew in the top ranks now we'd not see anything like what those SEALs are going through.

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