Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lee Loaders

I was wandering through the Intertoobz and I noticed several folks wanting to get, in addition to other supplies, ammunition. Seems that a lot of folks do not have a whole lot of faith in the Administration and it's plans.

You, the reader, may have noticed that ammunition is hard to come by these days, and expensive when you do find it. There is a trick, though, that will make you independent of the ammo shortages. There is a little kit sold for $22.00, called the Lee Loader, developed by Dick Lee up there in the snowbanks of Wisconsin. Now most kits for reloading ammunition are a tad complicated and kind of expensive, they also require that a press be fitted to a bench. Not so the Lee Loader.

A Lee Loader is powered by a brass or plastic hammer or, for that patter, a hardwood stick. They are a lot slower than a bench mounted press but, by the same token, a lot simpler to use. The loader comes with directions and a little plastic scoop for the powder.

Thousands of reloaders and handloaders have got their start using these nifty little kits. Many never move past them, sure they are kind of slow and not exactly real versatile but they will give at least one good load for each bullet weight in a cartridge.

The person who lives where it might be good to leave in a particular emergency would be money ahead buying one of these per cartridge of their "oh foo, things have got really bad guns", a few hundred bullets, a thousand primers and a canister of powder. All of this would fit into one of those little military ammo cans.

This is not much different than the hand tools the Buffalo Hunters used to make the west safe for farming. People act like making serviceable ammo is difficult. The Buffler Hunters did it by firelight and a significant percentage of them were illiterate.

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