Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What If We Don't?

The idiots in Congress are passing a whole bunch of new laws, many of which a majority of citizens oppose. This is not the first time, nor, if the Republic survives, will it be the last. Periodically a vocal minority gets all fired up and Congress thinks they must follow.

The last time was during the First World War when Prohibition was enacted. I do not know, nor am I interested in looking up, the percentage of drinkers to non drinkers. That is not germane, what really matters is the percentage of drinkers plus the non drinkers who do not care what others do. I, for instance, am now a nondrinker. This is not because I care, it's simply that once I start, sometimes I cannot stop. So I have, with a lot of help, taught myself not to start. This does not mean that, you, the reader can't have a drink, for many, perhaps most, drinking in moderation is beneficial.

The point, though, is not about drinking or not, it's that prohibition was an abject failure. Many Americans simply liked to drink, even more did not want the government pushing them around. This led to massive noncompliance, along with massive crime. Much like drugs today. For that matter, I do not know but I surmise that much of today's drug use is that same desire to not take orders from the government.

A blade on our ceiling fan broke and I was looking for a replacement fan, turns out that all the fans since 2007 require those dumb little candelabra bulbs. I, instead of buying a new unit, glued the blade back together. Now I shall look for a ceiling fan that I can put the old light unit on, because I do not like those little bitty bulbs, nor do I like those congresscritters telling me I cannot have enough light to see in my own living room.

Congress is repeating the same mistakes as early in the last century, creating vast new thing that, ultimately, require voluntary cooperation. Cap and Trade. Suppose we don't? These multitudes of requirements and taxes in the "health care" bill. Suppose we don't? For instance, several doctors I know or know of, will now stop taking new Medicare and Medicaid patients. And well they should, treating someone where you lose money on every visit is not, persactly the way to make a living. Being required to be on Medicare, this really frightens me. For now, the two docs that keep me alive, will continue to see me. If, however, the government tells them they must take more M&M patients, they will both retire. My family practice Doc, Doctor Lopez, is too young but judging from his name he could probably practice someplace where he could make a living like Argentina.

So, what will happen when every Doc over the age of fifty retires? Has no one told the Democrats that slave days have been over for a while now? During Prohibition there were more Speakeasys per city than there were legal bars before Prohibition. So, this is what we will be seeing soon. Bulbeasys where we can get the good old incandescent bulbs for our homes, Healtheasys where we can see a Doc without the government being involved? Then what? Natural gaseasys so we can heat our homes? Generators hidden in soundproof ditches for electiceasys? The PETA hysterics. Will we have meateasys?

Seriously, what will they do? Governors are letting criminals out of prison because they cannot afford to keep them locked up. So, what will they be able to do with my real light bulbs? What are they going to do to retiring Docs?

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