Sunday, December 27, 2009

The System Worked!

So, this 23 year old Nigerian smuggled a bomb onto a jetliner heading for Detroit. When he got to Amsterdam he had to deplane and fool around the airport, got back onto the jetliner without a passport but with a bomb. The Netherlands will not, for some reason, allow US Air Marshalls to get on airplanes, even US airplanes but they do allow people to get on with bombs in their underwear. Well, it's the Netherlands and he had the bomb taped to his nether regions so I guess it makes sense.

Question for Janet and Obama: If the Netherlands will not allow United States law officers to get onto United States aircraft in their airports, why are we allowing flights from those airports? Seems simple enough, don't let our Air Marshalls onto planes from your airports, fine, no flights from those airports. That doesn't sound like rocket surgery or brain science, you'd think even a politician would be able to figure it out. What other countries do not allow our Air Marshalls to fly on our airplanes? And why? This may well go back to the Bush, or even the Clinton years, we've had the Air Marshall program for a long time although it was more or less dormant since the lull in hijacking after the take this plane to Cuba craze in the late '60s, early '70s. But, why haven't we heard of it? Why have our government types, who are supposed to work for us, been squawking about it?

Another question for Janet: Where does it say that "the system" works when the only reason flaming wreckage didn't plow through downtown Detroit is because the bomb, although lit, only burned instead of exploded? Ms. Napolitano, that is not exactly a very dependable system you have. What is the system, to allow only incompetent bombers onto the planes? What is the test? I'm told that the explosive used, PETN is very powerful and needs only to be dry to have that amount blow a jet in half. So, what is the system, give the bomber so many free drinks that he pees his pants?

Okay, I have to admit here that if I was a bomber, using my weenie as a fuse might well make me pee my pants, too but I'm not sure this is persactly the most dependable system. A system that might work just a tad better is to not let anyone who is on a watch list on the effing airplane. A system that might make a little better sense is to copy, exactly, the system that El Al Israel uses. It is true that Israel is over run with socialists but we don't see dweebs like Napolitano making total idiots of themselves on one show after another.

I always figured that leftists aren't exactly the brightest of God's little door prizes but American leftists are really stupid. I give you exhibit A: the United States of America with a capitalist system where our working class live better than the mid level bosses of the socialist countries. I give you the American leftists who have traveled to these other countries and, if they looked out the windows, saw how people live. And yet, instead of trying to help lift those people up like, say, Sam Walton, they try to tear us down.

Still, Janet is a new low, even for American lefties. The system worked. Okay, I must stop writing now before I burst into a long string of ugly words. The system worked. Oh, my.

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