Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Christmas Trip And The Vicious Killer Attack Chihuahua

So Christmas Eve we got a bit of snow and sleet and it got bitter cold. Well, perhaps not Wisconsin bitter cold but certainly Texas bitter cold. We were worried that we might not get to travel but the majority of the snow and ice just barely missed us.

So, we got up and loaded the car with about twelve bazillion presents and nine metric tons of backed goods and away we went. The ice and snow had come from the west, heading northeast. It barely grazed us but was thicker and thicker as we went toward Dallas and it's northern suburbs. The good news about that is the road and bridge sanding gets more effective the closer to town, too.

That's a drawback to being out here, we have three and a half miles until we get to where there is even a try at making the roads passable, in an ice storm, we're home until it thaws a little. The good news is we don't hardly want to go nowhere.

So, this Christmas outing was to my son in laws father's house where we were eating Christmas dinner and opening some few gifts. I don't do mornings well, morning is time to go to bed so this year it was decided I could skip the main XMAS morning gift opening. I wasn't consulted on this decision, seems as I am a bit too grumpy when I don't get my sleep.

So, anyway, we went from the Valley of the Sabine River, over Lake Tawakoni, into the Valley of the Trinity and over Lake Ray Hubbard, around one edge of Dallas and up to the house.

It is remarkable how easy it is to travel, it wasn't very long ago that it would have been a week's trip, fording the rivers by buckboard wagon, stopping to clear downed trees from the trail, fighting the swamps of those rivers. I was born and traveling before the Interstate system was a going thing, albeit in the back seat while the parents drove. And THEY used to talk about how easy it was now that the roads were paved! It's so easy to forget how far we've come and how fast.

So, there isn't much to say, other than the pictures. The grandkids were happy.

Bill and Lela, Den's folks, have this little bitty Chihuahua that I thought I had made friends with. Then she was trying to get up on the couch where I was sitting and I pretended she was one of the Pugs. So I grabbed her by the loose skin on her back and went to pull her up, just like the Pugs, and she cried, real loud. I let go and she ran away.

So, a little later I tried to tell this dog I was sorry with a good ear scritch, that's when she attacked! The next thing I knew my thumb was bleeding. So, she was little? So, those itty bitty fangs are sharp! Due to the blod thinner I've been on since my stroke, I bled like a stuck pig for a while before it clotted up. I did not call animal control for I had brought it on myself. For Bill and lela's sake I hope that little beast hasn't decided she loves the taste of blood.

So, a while later we left and wended our way back home, we wanted to get home before all the melted ice refroze and the roads slicked up with black ice.

The next day I took some of Linda Lou's blueberry cheesecake, cinnamon rolls and a few slices of nut bread next door to my neighbors. He is a month out of surgery for a cancerous gland, I know which one but the name escapes me right now, the one that tells us to make and release Insulin. Anyhow, they romoved it and now he has to take insulin after meals, I'm not positive sending loads of sugar is such a great idea but they seemed to like it. I reckon it's not so bad, just increase the dose of insulin, right? Of course, Linda Lou's cheesecake, they might have to shoot the inulin in with a needle the size of a firehose.

Oh well, that was out holiday. Everyone was safe and sound except my thumb and that's my fault. Anyhow I got a new red flannel shirt for Christmas, like it?

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