Sunday, April 05, 2009

Well, I got the tractor running, I'll start mowing right after Rush. That's a pretty big deal, maybe I'll get it knocked down before it gets out of control.

The bad news is that Obama is coming back. Big news, we're not at war with Islam. I wonder who told him we were. Bush couldn't say three paragraphs about anything without "religion of peace" slipping out.

My problem with not being at war with Islam is simple. There is an unknown, but significant, percentage of Islam that has declared war on us. I am mindful of Palestinians and Pakistanis dancing in the streets on 9/11/01. I am just as mindful of that Imadinnerjacket clown in Iran and his rhetoric. And, not that he's Muslim, there is Li' Kim of the Norks flinging missiles.

Meanwhile, Uh-uhbama is cutting missile defense. So the Nork's biggest exports are fake Viagra and nuclear and missile technology. Iran is working feverishly for nukes of it's own.

Meanwhile we're cutting defense nationally and it's almost impossible for civilians to buy ammunition. This will end well. We've played this song before. In 1940 we kept the draft by one vote in Congress. We had a big set of war games in Louisiana with "TANK" painted on the sides of trucks. We had troops drilling with broomsticks.

I do not know we could do that "Arsenal of Democracy" thing today. We no longer have that kind of workforce. The factories that switched from making cars and refrigerators, sewing machines and typewriters to rifles, tanks and bombers are now located in China. Somehow I doubt that will work.

Now all that doesn't even include what has happened to too many of our young men (and now young women). We have barely enough young men and women to staff our all-volunteer military. Trouble is, there is not the slack for a major war. Does anyone really think we'll have the Infantry to take on Iran and the Norks at the same time? Much less China. In WW2 Harvard and Yale were almost empty while those young men climbed into Uncle's suit. Those kids are not going to volunteer these days. Even with the Draft does anyone think someone taught by that Singer clown at Princeton would be an asset as a Platoon Leader?

Oh well, time to go mow.

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