Friday, April 24, 2009

Progress, Not Perfection

I managed to get my computer to restart and ran the Restore Disc. Unlike some folks I still had it, I have a pile for everything and keep everything in it's pile. The only danger is that I sometimes forget which pile is which.

Anyhow I got the computer to restart, put aol back on and that works fine. The only problem is that the thing won't let me install Firefox, the file is corrupted, whatever that means. And when I tried to put the sixty thousand megabyte avg virus scan in, it got over fifty-five megabytes in (at dialup speeds, mind you), the thing bounced offline. I shall change phone cords and try again. ARRGH! I did not cry, though I felt like it. By that time it was five in the morning. I gave up and went to bed.

I got up this afternoon (I love retirement I can sleep like a teenager would like to) and the first thing I saw online is how some UN guy says we must prosecute the CIA guys for torture. I have an idea. Lets us prosecute our guys right after the Castro brothers, Robert Mugabe, the chinless wonder in Syria, Imadinnerjacket of Iran, that bunch in China with their forced abortions, Putin, and all those other murdering creeps that populate the UN. Lord, I miss John Bolton. And Ronnie.

I am also furious with the political class in Washington. I'm old enough to remember what those idiots, Jimmeh Carter and Frank Church did to our military and intelligence services. I'm also old enough to remember how difficult it was to rebuild. Especially the cost in lives.

I do not know exactly what would have happened if Carter hadn't been such a Casper Milquetoast. Would Khomeini have taken over Iran? Would the Russians have invaded Afghanistan? I doubt it. What would the world look like today, absent those events? I dunno but I suspect there would still be a couple of tall, rather ugly buildings standing in New York City.

I notice that some sixty (so far) people in Mexico are dead from swine flu. I'm not overly worried about me, I never go anywhere but the supermarket anymore, I'll just have to remember to wash up carefully afterwards. This is something I'm used to, the people I dealt with while working I had to wash my hands before going to the bathroom.

I gotta run, I have to get gas for the mower and deliver the cookies and fifteen dollars for getting pulled out of the mud.

Update in the middle of the night... I'm trying to download all the updates in the Kasperky Virus Scan, I started off needing to download 58,000+ kilobytes, I'm one third of the way through and now it's up to 77,000+. I was up until five thirty AM trying to get some kind of virus protection, now it looks like I'm going to be up that long again. Al Gore promised everyone would have high speed internet. He lied but now too many people are believing him about global warming. Yeah, right.

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