Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear John Cornyn

John, I've supported you since your days as Texas Attorney General. That is very close to changing. I do not know why you establishment Republicans don't like Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania but it's time you got over it. We saw what the support of Specter got us. Remember Specter, the guy the whole Party, except for the voters just loved back in '04? Remember how loyal he's been? What a strong Republican vote?

John, I know that you think the most important thing in the world is that you stay in the Senate. This is incorrect. The nation is important. Fighting the leftist trend in the nations politics is important. It would even be nice to fight the leftist trend in the Republican Party. If you are unwilling to do these things explain why you should be in the Senate.

Toomey came close to beating Specter with the whole might of the Party against him. How about, just once, you Washington scumbag peabrains try acting like Republicans, you know, people willing to fight for conservatism.

Cornyn, this is your last chance with me. You are supposed to help elect Republicans to the Senate. Toomey is a strong Republican. Quit messing around trying to find another Democrat lite to run against Specter. The left wing on the Democrats hate Specter over card check. He will probably be in a bruising nomination fight. If you put up a Democrat lite we'll lose. Democrat lites have been doing that, if you haven't noticed. And when they don't lose, they turn tail and run to the Democrats. Jeffords. Now Specter.

John, support a Republican for a change.

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