Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Barry

Hello, Barry, it's me again. You remember me, I'm one of those poor people you claim to want to help.

I'm kind of curious, Barry, we are still in a battle with people who want to put my granddaughter and your daughters in burkhas. They want my granddaughter and your daughters to be forced into marriage and refused education and careers.

Barry, I admit I'm not the smartest guy in the world but the logic of your attacking the Operations Directorate of the CIA, cutting the muscle out of the Navy and gutting the Army and Marine Corps and cutting that new fighter from the Air Force just escapes me.

Your seeming vendetta against the Bush Administration is also puzzling. So, while you weaken the military and intelligence arms of this country you seem to want to criminalize the legal advice given to the past President. Barry, you can't do this. If you set this precedent what will the next administration do to you? You do believe there will be another administration, don't you?

Why are you allowing your administration to bleat on and on about "torture"? We are dealing with people who videotape themselves hacking folks' heads off with dull knives. Waterboarding has nothing on that. Yet you seem to want to make sure no one has the chance to do any more than say pretty please to these animals.

Barry, do you really think this is what the parents and grandparents of America want? Now this may be real big with nineteen year old students and various people like Andrew Sullivan, those of us with children and grandchildren will gladly trade all the suspected terrorists in the world to protect our kids from so much as a skinned knee.

Barry, if you are squeamish, fine. The next time we might need this "high value information" to protect your daughters and my grandchildern, just step back and let me ask the questions. If it takes gouging an eye out and eating it in front of him, hand me the sharp spoon and a little salt.

This way your precious little followers can hate me but my grandchildren and your daughters might be safe. Seeing as how the folks that follow you have hated people like me since I came back from my first tour in the Southeast Asian War Games this won't be new. And if your idiotic hysteria means I get thrown in the slammer for torture, well, enjoy paying all my medical bills. I'll be glad to work in the prison library and then I'll be nice and handy when we capture another one of these idiots.

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