Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angry Leftists in 3-2-1...

So, to celebrate his first 100 days Teh Won blames the Republicans on Swine Flu. Then they send the plane that would be Air Force One if he were on it to buzz the Statue of Liberty, sending New Yorkers into a panic.

Sooner or later even Democrats are going to have to figure out that this guy isn't exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. Hey Barry, how about you ask your teleprompter if it can order up a new Surgeon General? Let's see, that idiot Bush (according to the Dems) had to put up with two months of suits and counter suits after his first election but still managed to staff his administration. And this with no "W" keys. Now Dohbama has all the keys, including the "o" keys and the "0" keys. He had full cooperation from the previous administration. He has time for a party every Wednesday, and to burn nine thousand gallons of jet fuel to celebrate Earth Day. He just can't find the time to do his job. This should come as no surprise. After all he's never had a job where he had any responsibility.

So, yesterday we went to town, Linda Lou had an appointment with a hematologist. The last time she had blood work they found something wonky so they sent her to a specialist. I went along, along with Bingo. I didn't go in, instead staying out in the cool, sometimes raining day with Bingo. Listening to the radio and reading my book, taking Bingo out once in a while.

This Doc has her office in a cancer center, my bald head made me feel right at home. Anyhow Bingo was a big hit when people saw him, and the older couple with the Dachshund let their dog out to make friends. Everybody and everydoggie loves Bingo.

When Linda Lou came out we went to Paperbacks Plus, my favorite used bookstore where I spent another $27.00+.on used westerns. I bought several more Louis L'Amour books, and a few other authors. I'm still looking for a few new (to me) writers to replace old Louis. Elmer Kelton is one but they didn't have much of his stuff.

Oh, Linda Lou had a low platelet count. The Doc says it's probably not a big problem. They took another quart or two of blood for more tests. I would probably worry more except we've been through this before when she had to take periodic shots of one of the B vitamins. Now I'd also maybe worry more if I knew what a platelet does. Red Cells carry oxygen, white cells kill germs, plasma is mainly useful for winos to get a few bucks but I dunno what platelets do. I imagine someone will tell me when I need to know.

So I got home and the intertubes were alive with the hoohraw over the VC-25 buzzing New York City. I don't want to talk about the incredible stupidity of this move, many others already have. The thing that interested me is that New York, and the rest of the northeast voted for an Administration with a September tenth mentality. Then when the Administration acted like September tenth New Yorkers panic. So why did they vote for Sept. tenth? Either there is a serious threat or there isn't. We know who ran as 9/11 and who as 9/10. Why are all those who voted for 9/10 so angry with the 9/10 Administration?

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