Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Big Tea Parties In Quinlan

Well there are no big tea parties scheduled for tomorrow within easy driving distance so I'll just pour a cup and sit out on the front deck with the Pugs for awhile. I have Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast and Earl Gray for fancy teas, my plain vanilla tea is Tetley's British Blend. Okay, so I like limey tea, so sue me.

Actually, I'm told that the Brit control of the tea trade back then is why we Americans developed our love affair with coffee. But it's been a while since the first revolutionary war and I'm not mad at the Brits anymore. I think they're doing some awfully stupid stuff in their government these days but I don't live there, ain't about to move there so it's not my business.

I'm interested in this Department of Homeland Security blurb out with all this right wing groups may be recruiting... As if we haven't had an eight year assault from the left about Bushitler and all. I'm just a little to the Right of Tamerlane but I never wanted to overthrow the government, all I ever wanted was for the Feds to follow the Constitution. Seein' as how the only power they're supposed to have comes from that document, they ought to.

Of course every time I say that on a big blog's comments some lawyer type wants to tell me about how the Constitution is interpreted. They always say I'm stupid when I mention that it ain't in a foreign language but in English and what part of Congress shall make no law needs interpretation?

So now we have a "Constitutional scholar" as President firing executives of private companies and demanding States take money from the Federal Government. I'm kind of curious exactly where in Article Two he has that power. Yes, he gets to make treaties, if the Senate concurs, and appoint judges, if the Senate concurs. Let's see, commission officers in the military, commander in chief, yup. Sorry, nothing there about bullying Governors.

But we have to watch those crazy right wingers. Oh, and veterans. Especially watch the veterans. After all, there might be another Tim McVeigh. I wonder how come nobody ever mentions that it's very unlikely that McVeigh would have blown up the Federal Building if Janet Reno's Justice Department hadn't burned a whole bunch of harmless religious loonies to death in Waco. Oh, sorry, I forgot. The children were in danger! Oh noes! We have to set them on fire! To Save them!

The Left always brings up the white power and antisemitic groups in these arguments, always ignoring that those groups are usually just another branch of that tired old socialism. We of the right think of individuals. The left thinks of groups. Which is more likely to be racist? The one that says "those people" or the one that says "that person"?

In other news I saw my new Neurologist yesterday after he reviewed my MRI. So now I've got a new pill and am off the Requip. This new one is Gabapentin or generic Neurontin. I'm not sure why I'm taking this, it seems my overall weakness comes from degenerated discs in my neck. They are doing something to my spinal cord. So now I'm taking more pills. Oh, goody. And it's another pill that I have to make sure I don't get pregnant, too. Not that I worry too much about that, being old and all. This is quite a pill, though. A month's supply of the generic version is a hundred and three dollars. My insurance makes me pay for a whole two dollars. There seem to be a lot of other possible side effects, too.

While I was dropping the script off I managed to score the last two Dove chocolate Easter bunnies in the store at half off. I usually try to get out early on the day after the "candy holidays" but we're a little short on cash and gas this month so I waited. So I ate the ears and then the tail off one of them already. The next one I'll eat the tail and then the ears. Mmmm, chocolate bunnies. I got a couple of bags of jelly beans and some of those malted milk Robin's eggs, too.

So, good luck at the tea parties if you're going.I'm going to be interested in seeing if the ACORN types try to mess things up.

Update: It's kind of embarrassing to misspell the name of the nearest town but I managed. What can I say? It was late. Anyhow It's fixed now. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to do updates to call attentions to spelling corrections like we're supposed to do for factual corrections.

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