Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Yet Competent To Staff The Treasury Dept.

So, Obama still hasn't staffed his Treasury Dept. but he's fired the CEO of GM. I'd like to see the line in the Constitution giving him that power. Shouldn't he first try doing things he is required to do, first? Like make those appointments.

I can't wait to see who he appoints to run GM. Maybe Ralph Nader? Ooh! I know, Marion Barry, he's got those requirements for the Obama Administration, he has no known skills, a history of crack smoking and, most important for this crowd, he doesn't pay his taxes.

Seriously, is there anyone at all in the Obama Administration that you would trust to change the plugs and oil on a 1976 Dodge pickup with a slant six and rusted out underbody? Yet they want us to think that they can run GM? Let's see, how many of those Treasury officials that must be confirmed by the Senate have been? Oh, yeah, the tax cheat. No Undersecretaries, no Deputy Secretaries, just the tax cheat and, I suppose, a few janitors. Helluva job, Barry. I can't wait to see you staff the Warranty Dept. Think you might get the first ones in by 2012?

Something I don't quite understand is these two reporters for Algore's TV network getting caught sneaking into North Korea. Did they think they were wading the Rio Grande? The Norks actually guard their borders, for fear someone might escape, kind of like here once Obama has his Obama Youth up and running. The difference will be that the Obama Youth will let anyone in, the getting out might be tough.

I've been to a couple of sites talking about Hillary and the Virgin of Guadalupe. Yanno, I sure am tired of Democrats running around and calling conservatives stupid and cheap. Where is all this smart diplomacy we were promised? Does no one at all remember the stories coming out of the White House during the Clinton years? How staffers woud back out of the way and look away from the Hildabeast? We already knew that Hillary would never listen to a briefing from a lowly staffer, just because that staffer makes his living studying Mexico. Just like she was too smart to check with someone who speaks Russian.

So, the Party Of The People, they go around saying conservatives will let their neighbors starve while they themselves do not give to charity and, every chance they get, cheat on their own taxes. Meanwhile excusing their lack of charity by saying the government should take that over. While they cheat on their taxes. I'm really starting to hate Democrats.

Get a chance, go over to Iowahawk and watch his video "The Country Is In Great Hands".

In local news I'm back on the old man diet again, oatmeal for breakfast and chili with beans for supper. Had kind of an accident, though, I had the beef cooked and drained when I realized I had no tomato sauce or canned tomatoes. Oops. So I used some spaghetti sauce instead. Now I'm gonna have the Italians on one side and the Mexicans on the other, all throwing rocks.

Note, spaghetti sauce does not make great chili. Better than no chili at all though.

That reminds me, I need to go to the store and get another couple of those sirloin steaks for the freezer before they go off sale. Seeing as how one broiled steak no makes two complete meals plus a major dog treat. Of course I used to could eat one of those, plus a baked potato and some kind of vegetable and not gain an ounce. These days, not so much, half the steak, steamed green veggie of some kind and I'm able to win a belly contest with a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy. I had to get old. Couldn't die young and leave a good lookin' corpse. Oh well, the grandkids are worth it. As long as I have no diaper duty.

Oatmeal. God help me.

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