Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blogiversaries And Other Comments.

I just noticed that yesterday was my blogiversary. Whee! Woot! Yipee! Hopefully that is festive enough.

It's also the 34th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. If anyone cares, go back to my archives and see what I had to say about it in 2005. I still say that it was the date on which the word of America became useless. If I were living in Iraq or Afghanistan I wouldn't bet very much on the word of America now, either.

I'm still somewhat perplexed over the hoohraw over the VC-25 over New York yesterday. How come Obama is getting to act like he didn't know? Um, didn't they have to tell him: "Oh, by the way Barry, you can't fly off anywhere on the 27th." "Oh, why?" Did they tell him the airplane was due for an oil change and tire rotation? Maybe that the windshield washer fluid needed to be filled?

Another thing I don't understand is that everyone knew that Obama is a Sept. 10th sort of guy. Now I live so far out in the country that I wouldn't get the Grand Ol' Opry on the radio until sometime Tuesday Afternoon. No one is going to come out here and shout Allahu Ackbar! and set off a dirty bomb. Yet it wasn't people in the country that elected Obama. It's the folks in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, etc.

So if the people in lower Manhattan were so sure that it was time to return to a Sept. 10th world why did they panic?

Now I don't go around claiming to be the smartest guy in town (and it's a very small town) but I know enough to take precautions when I'm walking out to the targets. And when I'm out there I duck when there is a sudden BANG! Did the city folks forget? Seems like they would have noticed the big tall shiny glass buildings missing. Eh, maybe the lack of salt in their new diets makes them stupid. Or maybe it's all the constant noise in the city. I know when I go to the big towns I can't hardly think straight because of the noise.

Anyhow, it doesn't make sense. New York City voted for a return to Sept. 10th. And now they're afraid of airplanes. New Yorkers aren't exactly the brightest of all God's little door prizes.

Seriously, I don't understand. Here are some eight million or so people and they vote for folks who thing they aren't smart enough to feed themselves. They've had the Sullivan Laws since 1911 and they still haven't noticed that crooks have no problem getting guns.

Which brings be to another question about that airplane over NYC. I'm told that they can't disclose where and when the airplane is going because of the danger that someone with a stray antiaircraft gun or missile will take potshots at it. Okay, private ownership of antiaircraft guns and missiles is illegal. But the government won't tell us about it's airplanes because of the danger of these guns and missiles. In other words, the government is telling us that it's laws don't work.

Isn't ninety-seven years long enough to figure out you've made a mistake? Seems like fifty years would be long enough for most folks to see it. But no, the government goes around saying that it's rules don't work but never tries to change them. Now I'm not going to say that everyone ought to have an antiaircraft missile or three in the closet, after all, not very many people can afford to practice enough to make effective use of them.

The thing is, the governments always try to have everything both ways. You can't have this! We can't tell you what we're doing because you might have that!

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