Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goodbye, Specter

So I was reading about how horrible for the Republicans Specter's jumping back to the Democrats is. How us horrible social conservatives are killing the Party. Oddly, of course, the Party has been crapping in the social conservatives since oh I don't know, 2006.

Strangely, the Party lost Congress, when? Now I'm only the smartest guy in the room when it's a small room. Still, I'm not quite sure why so many Republicans are taking the advice of people who hate them. The Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) keep telling us what we must do. I wonder when, exactly, the Democrats wanted Republicans to win.

Specter is one of those career politicians. Most people forget, he jumped to the Republicans when it was to his political advantage. Naturally his views did not change. Nor have they changed now. Specter hasn't ever believed in anything but Specter. I can think of no action he's ever taken that helped the country although it hurt him politically. His gyrations over card check were a lame attempt to get back in the good graces of Pennsylvania Republicans.

Oddly the nutroot websites are against Specter winning in 2010. Seems that he came out against card check. So Specter infuriated Republicans with his vote for the "stimulus" and infuriated the Dems with card check. And we are supposed to value his advice?

How about we wave bye bye to Specter and return to the politics that made us unbeatable, strong defense, economic growth, lower taxes and respect for life?

We have seen what compromising with the left has gotten us. Dubya let Teddy Kennedy write the No Child Left Behind bill. Now it is touted by the left as George Bush' education failure. The bottom fifty percent of income earners pay only three percent of income taxes yet we here nothing but George Bush' tax cut for the rich.

As for the social conservatives (I am not a social conservative but share many of their values) we see what their compromises have gotten them. It wasn't very long ago that the gay organisations were saying, "just give us civil unions. We won't ask for anything else." We see what that Peretz Hilton creature respects the compromise. Now I am not particularly interested in teh gheys. I sometimes wonder if the people of the vast majority of history were right or wrong when they strongly discouraged it but, ultimately I dunno and don't care. If the conservative Christians are right and teh gheys burn in Hell forever, well they were warned. If there is no Hell, if religion is a sham, what the heck to they care about marriage? Shouldn't civil unions, what they said they wanted, be just fine? In this my complaint is not about gay, it's about the politics.

No one that believes in freedom should ever believe a leftist about anything. If the left tells us that the sky is blue, run to the window and look.

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fognog2 said...

Social Conservatism is going to kill the republican party. You cannot legislate sexual morality. The extreme social conservatives drive away alot of people who would otherwise join the republican party. We need to worry about cutting government down to size not all these social issues.