Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Seinfeld Post About Nothing.

Not much to talk about. I was going to try to go to the Cowboy Action Shoot Sunday but decided my right shoulder isn't quite ready for the recoil of my twelve gauge blackpowder shotgun shells. So I'll try for the last Saturday of the Month or the second Sunday of next month. I haven't talked about my shoulder much, the range of motion is "almost there" now. It's still pretty weak, though or maybe I'm imagining I'm thirty. Anyhow I'm almost done with the in office physical therapy.

My therapist is having me work with the rifle some, at home of course. Before the surgery the rifle and shotgun were pretty light. I did not know that if a rifle or shotgun doesn't get exercise it gets heavier, too. They seem to have gotten fat. So have I.

When I left the physical therapist I decided to drop by the little county substation there in Quinlan and spoke with the Justice of the Peace for what I should do if we should spot Eddie. Anyone following this blog, all five or so of you, should know that we have a TON of pictures of all the dogs. These pictures, plus the crime report, should solve the problem, well that and anyone should clearly see who Eddie loves if he sees his Momma.

So, the only thing I have to do is keep Linda Lou fairly quiet about theft accusations until the working lawman shows up and we probably won't need to even go to court. The bad news is that if we do it without courts and lawyers is that we let the thief get away with the "I just found him" defense.Considering that dognapping isn't something they get the death penalty for (the justice system needs an overhaul) I guess I can live with that.

Note to self: Make sure Linda Lou doesn't have her Ladysmith .38 with her when we go looking.

I see the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has overruled that three judge panel and now the Ohio SecState must do her job and weed out those phoney baloney Acorn voters registrations. I'm sure, though, that she will find a way to drag her feet.

I keep reading that the lefties are so sure of winning this election. So, why do they have to cheat?

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