Monday, October 13, 2008

I'd Pay To See It.

So now I'm hearing about threats of violence. I don't watch the teevee much, I have to turn the sound up so high that it annoys my wife. If I had real close neighbors it would annoy them too. Oddly, I can hear older movies on teevee at a much lower sound level but the modern shows and movies it doesn't matter how high I turn the sound.

At any rate I get no news from teevee, I do read a lot of transcripts. This may be why Uh-uhbama does nothing for me. I'm told that he speaks marvelously if he can read from a teleprompter. The transcripts say nothing, though. But I digress.

I spend a LOT of time reading about the folks drawing posters about how they'd like to punch Sarah Palin, that woman "comedienne" with the black "friends" who would gang rape Sarah, those folks who firebombed a McCain/Palin yard sign, etc. So I was pleased to see the news finally hitting the Legacy Media.

Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the horrible threat of Republican violence that has the Legacy Media all up in arms. Um, all up in the air, they don't believe in arms as in weaponry. I never heard the New York Crimes complaining about posters at leftist rallies showing Bush beheaded. Yet Republicans booing Uh-uhbambi is violence! Meanwhile those fat black kids in quasi-military garb is hopetitude and changiness.

Meanwhile I can't get over that clown, Shane Bokhari and his desire to punch Governor Palin. I cannot do links, somehow, even after following the directions they don't come through, So, it's Now, assume that the Secret Service types all went on a long coffee break. They don't, of course, all go on break at once but just for assumption...suppose he tried with Todd handy? I'd pay ten green Yankee dollars to see Mr. Bukhari try. Of course Sarah might not need Todd for light work.

Now I make no claim to be the most knowledgeable Christian in the County but I do know that turn the other cheek has noting to do with being punched. In the days Jesus was speaking a slap on the cheek was a deadly insult and a challenge to a death fight. Jesus did not approve of such things. He had no brief for fights over insults. He also commanded his followers to have swords to defend themselves and their families and neighbors. Many people forget the distinction.

Jesse and Frank James found this out with the Younger Brothers up in Northfield Minnesota a century and a half or so ago. Those peaceful Christian small town types shot them to doll rags when they tried to rob the bank and tree the town. The survivors fled back to Missouri.

Now I know that is a long time ago. Of course the complaint from the Left is that we small town and country folks don't change with the times. I'm not the guy to try to form up a gang and try shooting up the town of Northfield, population about 13, 000 the last census, today either. I suspect that Minnesota Nice would mean a nice funeral.

This is something else I don't understand. According to our leftist "betters", we of the right are uncurious. Now uncurious Governor Palin manages to hunt Caribou and other big critters. It takes a sight of curiosity to manage that trick. Todd Palin is a successful snowmobile racer, among other accomplishments. Now I never studied snowmobiles, seeing as how I live here in Texas where we got a bunch of snow back in '76, why it got up to five inch drifts! But I suspect it takes another sight of learnin' to succeed at that. Yet according to our coastal geniuses these people are incurious. These coastal elites are never curious about the things that interest Todd and Sarah, or me for that matter.

Dear Ms Dowd. Can you tell us where to aim to hit a Caribou standing 325 yards away, facing partially away with a 32 mph wind coming from 8 o'clock? But Maurine! You claim to be so much smarter than Sarah!

Dear Mr. Krugman. How do you you tune a snow machine to win a race? If you are so much smarter than poor benighted Todd Palin, why don't you know? What? You are incurious about such things, right? Seems you were incurious about Enron, too. But you are so smart! Just ask you.

Anyhow, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) seem to be afraid of Republican violence. Why, because some of us are maybe one tenth as angry as the editorial board of the New York Crimes. The difference is, my side doesn't key cars when we get really angry. We aren't going hit anyone with our NYC man purses, either,

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