Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Election Is Almost Over

Here you see some pictures of why I cannot vote for the Democrats. There are many more reasons but the main reasons are my grandchildren. I already know that my grandchildren will never have the opportunities I had. They will never be on a high school rifle team, for instance. Funny thing, when I was in school guns were common. It was nothing to see a bunch of boys (and the rare girl) on bikes with a .22 or a single shot shotgun 'cross the handlebars and a dog or three runnin' alongside. Now they'd call out the SWAT teams. In the '50s and early '60s no one had ever heard of school shootings and drive bys, either.

Here is what I don't understand about this election. People seem to actually believe Uh-uhbama. He claims that 95% of people will get tax cuts. Um, forty percent of the people don't PAY taxes. Haven't we been through this before? Remember the last time a Democrat got elected promising a middle class tax cut?

I don't really understand the Obamamania. The Obama crowd claims to be for the working people but we see how they treat working people. They claim to be for women, unless that woman is Sarah Palin.

Here is something interesting. There was a law passed by the Alaska Legislator to deny benefits to the significant others of gay and lesbian state workers. Governor Palin vetoed that law. So naturally Uh-uhbama is the choice of the gay community. No one knows what Uh-uhbama has ever done for the gay and lesbian community but since Palin is not gushing all over for gay marriage, she is the enemy.

I am not sure how it has become holy writ that Governor Palin is stupid. Uh-uhbama thinks there are fifty-seven states. Senator Hairplugs says the problem is a three letter word J-O-B-S and Donks call Sarah stupid. Even our side complains. Yet if Palin is unqualified, how is Uh-uhbama? Has Uh-uhbama ever been a small town mayor? Has Uh-uhbama ever defied Party leaders and won a governorship? I doubt that Uh-uhbama has the courage to defy Party leaders.

Nor do I understand the constant complaints of the Bush economic policies. Except for a bit of problems after 9/11/01 the economy was really good until the Pelosi/Reid Congress in January '07. I suspect that a whole bunch of people voting for change will not like these changes. The Obamaniacs laugh at the idea that there will be massive layoffs, everyone thinks that is just right wing paranoia. Except that is what many small business owners are saying. Who do you believe, Biden or your boss?

How about your 401K? Now more tax break and it put into government bonds at three percent a year. Then the check rolled into your social security.

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