Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When Are You Going To Start, Barry?

Everyone has heard that Uh-uhbama wants to spread the wealth around. Well, someone else's wealth, anyhow. Biden, too wants to spread the wealth. Just not his own.

I really understand that plumber who doesn't want his taxes raised. He wants to take that money and buy more trucks and hire more people, instead. Sure would be nice if he could. Plumbers make pretty good money. Now THAT spreads the wealth around.

We have seen the results from Uh-uhbama spreading the wealth around, though. As a state Senator Uh-uhbama had seen that a whole lot of taxpayer money was given to Tony Rezko. Tony bought or built public housing with that taxpayer money. His projects now stand mostly empty and uninhabitable.

That is how the Democrats spread wealth.

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