Thursday, October 23, 2008

Load Up, Just In Case

I, of course, would never advocate anything illegal. Nor am I concerned that we have already lost this election. We may lose it, we may not.

Still, it's best to be prepared. I read that lots of folks are buying guns, trouble is, nobody is thinking of ammo. We have a little time before things get tough. I would submit that having a small ammunition factory in the basement might be very handy.

As I write this there is no record keeping requirements for reloading equipment or components. This means that for the price of a gun, with all that paperwork, you can buy a complete ammo factory.

A Lee turret reloading press is less than $70.00 at Midway. A set of dies, (a seperate set required for each cartridge)is a little less than $25.00. Powder is about $20.00 a pound, primers someplace around $25.00 per thousand.

My favorite .357 jacketed bullets, the Remington 125 semijacketed hollow point, runs $95.00 per thousand. In rifle cartridges that bullet is more expensive, the Winchester 150 grain .30 caliber power point runs $179.99 per thousand. If you have a .5.56 (.223) those bullets run cheaper, $62.00 per thousand.

Just remember, the Second Ammendment says nothing at all about ammo. There is nothing at all to prevent ammo being taxed at fifty dollars a bullet or a thousand dollars a round. Think the Democrats won't do it? I have bullet molds, though. I can cast my own nice fat .45 bullets or my .357 bullets. I also have a nice little .30 caliber bullet mold for the .30-06.

I've got mine, what are you going to do?

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