Monday, October 27, 2008

That Was Disappointing

I was sleeping the sleep of the rightous when Linda Lou rushed in and woke me. Seems that someone called saying they thought they had seen Eddie.

I got a little less than half a cup of coffee while I dressed in sweats and we rushed out the door. Note: I do not go out in sweats. Since I was born without a butt I can't hardly keep them up. Of course I also never go out in the morning.

So I rushed off to West Tawakoni and actually found the street I was looking for and drove down and we saw a fawn Pug. He did not recognize us and he had a different bark. Then the people living there came out and we talked. Seems that this Pug's name is Arnold and had shown up there months ago.

Linda Lou is not happy. Neither am I. The only good part of the whole trip is that since it was still early I dropped by the supermarket and bought bones for Ming and CAP along with yesterdays's pork chops on sale, half off. Mmm, pork chops.

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