Monday, October 20, 2008

We Miss Eddie

We spent the weekend wandering the local flea markets over the weekend looking for Eddie T. Dog, no luck. We are banking on the really big one in Canton, a once a month deal.

I'm looking at the Donks, doing everything possible to steal this election. Meanwhile Biden is guaranteeing that something awful will happen in the first six months. The question is, does anyone think that the bad guys will test McCain? Hmm. Grumpy old man with the world's finest military and these peabrains would want to test him? Just like they tested Bush after 9/11.

Meanwhile Uh-Uhbama is someplace having a job summit. I can see how much the Donks like the working stiff, ask Joe the plumber Yeah, the Democrats really love the working stiff. Kind of like how the Dems love women. Unless the women lean right. That bumper sticker "she's not a woman, she's a Republican" says a lot about the Dems. The Dems love women and minorities just as long as those don't try to escape the Democrat plantation. Ask Thomas Sowell. Ask Clarence Thomas.

Don't kid yourself, the Party of the People has declared war on the little guy. If you don't toe their line you are an enemy. I don't know how this is going to work, though. I keep seeing comments from Donk trolls on conservative blogs that we had better shut up, there a new Sheriff in town. I will shut up all right, just like they did the last eight years.

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