Tuesday, August 07, 2007

On Strike!

So, it seems that the Lefty Blogosphere wants to start a union so they can get health insurance. Well, I've always had a curious sort of mind so I tried an experiment.

You see, I am somewhat unhappy with the pay and benefits of blogging. Not only don't I get any money but I have to pay for my connection to the Internets, plus buy my own computers. So, I started a union. The Amalgamated Brotherhood Of Bloviating Underwearclad Peters, local #1. The first thing was to organise, so I talked to myself for a while, my wife shook her head.

Then the ABOBUP asked management for a raise. Management (me) told the Union (me) that there is no money for a raise (or much of anything else). Infuriated, the Union had a strike vote, the vote was 100% for the strike. So, the Union made up a picket sign and the entire membership of ABOBUP, local #1 walked off the job. The Union membership started a picket line, marching up and down the living room with the picket sign, shouting Union slogans and singing "Solidarity Forever" that famous old IWW song by Joe Hill, that feller that got hanged for murder, way back when.

The picket line started off okay, the entire Union membership (me) was walking the picket line, the dogs following, right up until I started singing. That's when the strike fell apart, Cochise's Apache Princess started howling and Eddie T. Dog and Ming the Merciless crossed the picket line to get to their Mama for protection from the awful noise. The picket line being broken, the strike ended.

Management's only concession was a bowl of Navy Bean Soup and a cornbread muffin. The union foiled again.

Update 08/08/07: Commenter Triticale reminded me that Joe Hill was shot by firing squad instead of hanged. Union lore claims that he may have been innocent, I know that all the prisons in the USA are filled with innocent men, many caught in the act.

The claim is that the firing squad used soft point (dum dum) bullets, which is actually no problem. Soft points are not supposed to be used in warfare because if a soldier is wounded the powers that be want him to have a reasonable chance of recovery. The whole point of a firing squad is that the feller doesn't survive, hence the Officer coming up with a pistol to check to see if the feller is moving. There is no recovery.

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