Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome Home, Karl.

Well, the television airways were dripping with hatred yesterday, Karl Rove will be leaving at the end of this month. The Left is heartbroken, he'll be walking out swinging his arms, not being frogmarched in handcuffs.

I found it really interesting the media types talking about how the Democrats beat him on immigration, the Dubai Ports Deal and the '06 electiom. Hmmph. When did Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin join the Democrats?

I am really looking forward to the Congressional hearings, the Donks are sure to subpoena him "investigating" those US Attorneys. I can just see Karl answering those "probing questions"..."What part of serves at the pleasure of the President don't you understand"?

I've never really understood the hatred for Rove, or Bush either, for that matter. Those two are a lot of things, classic conservative is not one of them. Ted Kennedy wrote the Education Bill, he had much to do with the Medicare drug benefits, too. Yet with all this cooperation from Rove, and Bush, there has been no reciprocation.

I am really wondering what the Donks will expect if they ever win another Presidential election. Do they not realize that the Republicans can, and probably will, behave just like the Donks have since 2000? Now, that would be fine by me, I figure the more gridlock, the better. Just remember, if the Donks won't let a Republican President appoint judges, why should the Republicans not do the same for a Democrat?

Anyhow, Karl will come home, to a fairly small town near San Antonio. I'll be sure to wave as we go down to visit our youngest son and his wife and kids just south of San Antone.

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