Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh, Larry.

So, Senator Larry Craig really stepped in it. I have no particular animus toward closet queens but it seems that somebody smart enough to be elected to the United States Senate could at least cruise adult bookstores instead of men's rooms in airports.

I would normally not care about a Senator from Idaho, even a stalwart Republican. After all, there are not many places more red than Idaho. Trouble is, Craig has always been one of the firmest defenders of the Second Amendment. I guess I shouldn't say firmest. There are lots of Republicans, not so many that are strong for the NRA.

It's time to show some courage, Larry. Resign. Resign now so the Republican who replaces you will have a little more seniority come the next Congress.

And please, Congress. We give you plenty of money for staff. If you can't keep your zipper up, hire someone to service you. Just keep quiet about it.

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