Friday, August 10, 2007

The Party Of Tolerance.

Okay, so Jerome Armstrong got into trouble with the SEC and has to pay some $30,000.00 in fines. Now I know, because they always tell me, that only Republicans are interested in money. Armstrong, being a honcho at My DD, a far-left website, cannot be interested in money, it must have been a mistake.

Here is what I don't understand, though. After the news got out the Koskids answered with "closeted gay, Matt Drudge". Now, I don't know Mr. Drudge and have never seen his closet. I check his website several times a week, it used to be several times a day but the popups and popunders are annoying, so I found other paths to the news.

Why is it that gays spend their political money on Democrats? The Donks claim that we Republicans are the intolerant ones. Yet when the Beauchamp saga hit the news, what was the reaction from the Left? "Matt Sanchez starred in gay porn!" Now, folks on my side of the aisle didn't know that, mostly, and those of us that did, kept it quiet. Now, the only way I know Sanchez is through his reporting as an embedded feller checking out Iraq. Gay porn is not my particular kink. It's not that I'm perfect, I'm nowhere near. I have my own particular kinks, everyone does. I don't talk about them with just anyone. The kids didn't need to hear them, they got to grow their own when they got old enough. Whatever they may be. They keep quiet about them out of respect for the grandkids, who will get their own kinks when they're old enough. Hopefully the grandkids will be Republicans and Only they, and their sweeties, will know what those kinks will be.

Why is it that it is always the Left screeching about who is, or might be, gay? And please don't call Fred Phelps a man of the Right, I've never seen him at a Republican gathering. Yet the gays shovel the lion's share of their political money to the Party that sides with the Palestinians, the people who throw gays off the roofs of tall buildings. They donate to the Party that is against us doing anything to the Iranians, who hang gays from construction cranes.

Of course, the gays aren't the only ones going against their own interests in supporting the Party Of Tolerance. Remember James Byrd and the NAACP ad against George Bush in 2000? Under the governorship of George Bush, we Texans caught, tried and convicted those three peckerwoods that killed Byrd. One got a chance to turn on his "friends", he was sentenced to life, without parole. The other two? They'll get the needle, unless the Donks stop it. Yet it's the Republicans who hate blacks, notwithstanding that the Donks are the only Party with a KKK Kleagle in the Senate.

Women send the lion's share of their money to the Party of Ted Kennedy and Gary Condit. Have any Republicans in Congress killed any women lately?

The world is insane.

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