Wednesday, August 01, 2007

And Another Thing

Since this round of Jihad started up Westerners have been killed by Hamas, Hib'zhallah, Islamic Brotherhood, AlQ, the PLO, and a host of other outfits. Islamists with no apparent connection to any organised groups have killed us, look at the DC Snipers, that African American Muslim couple of white loners.

So, with this evidence before us, why do we let the Democrats get away with saying the entire fight is with the Bin Laden bunch? When I was a kid reporters were curious, that is why they went into that business. Today it seems like their only job is to repeat Donk talking points.

Imagine if the Republicans of WW2 were like the Democrats of today...North Africa never bombed Pearl Harbor. Guadalcanal never bombed Pearl Harbor. Normandy never bombed Pearl Harbor. Iwo Jima never bombed Pearl Harbor...

We never landed ground troops on Japan until after they surrendered, thank the Lord. Actually FDR put the bulk of our forces into the ETO, against Germany and Italy, the Japanese got what was left over. You remember the Japanese? The ones that bombed Pearl Harbor.

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