Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Quiet Sunday

Things are pretty quiet around the Poorfarm today. Yesterday was my AA Birthday, 22 years since my last drink. Better still, it's now been two years since that stroke. And two years since my last cigarette. I've never considered myself as all that brave but I was, and am, surprised at how frightening a stroke is. To find myself unable to speak and not knowing why, or if I'd recover...I owe the Docs, Nurses and other medical types a huge thanks. Especially the drug companies.

To celebrate all this I'm cooking a massive pot of red beans and rice with ham and red onions. I bought a football ham last Wednesday and cooked it and candied yams, two meals worth there, now I'm cooking some more of this ham with the beans. There are still four thick slices for ham 'n eggs. Food sure lasts longer now that there are just the two of us. Of course the dogs are trying frantically to tell us that three of those four slices are theirs. Fat chance.

I'm fixing cornbread muffins to go with, a half dozen plain and a half dozen cinnamon-apple. The plain to go with the beans 'n rice, the cinnamon-apple to go with ham 'n eggs. Of course I'll have to do without eggs for a couple of weeks after to get my cholesterol back down. Such is the joy of aging. I wonder how all those farm people lived so long eating eggs and biscuits and gravy and stuff every day. Probably they worked it off.

It's always funny when the NASCAR Race is on Saturday Night instead of Sunday. Linda Lou was asking who is subbing for Rush today since he is golfing in Hawaii. Oh, yeah. Nobody, today. Carl Edwards did his backflip, somehow he got to be King Of The Concrete. Whatever, his team sure has that car working on concrete tracks.

I'm staying out of politics today, I read the usual blogs and just wanted to pound my head on the desk. Actually I don't have anything to say but the blog must have posts, so...

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