Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Pictures

Somehow I made a mistake trying to clear a picture out of the last entry and lost the pictures of the other dogs. Not lost forever, mind, just out of that entry. It being almost naptime I blew it off until now. Naptime is important.

The three sided dog war still goes on. Ming The Merciless is still the Alpha Dog, it is the funniest thing in the world to see her chasing CAP across the living room, CAP running with her tail between the legs. Ming convinced them both when they were puppies just who the boss dog was and won't ever let them realize how much they've grown.

CAP and Eddie stay locked in constant battle over the only toy in the world or the last bone in the house. It doesn't matter that there are piles of other toys and bones, whichever toy or bone one has is the only one and must be fought over.

Speaking of bones, my ankle is about half healed, now. I can actually stand up for ten minutes or so before it starts hurting, maybe twenty minutes of sitting with my feet on the floor. Speaking of twenty minutes, that time is about up. Stupid dog, kicking me like that.

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