Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We Wait And We Pray

Just about everyone has heard that we've lost another Chinook Helicopter and five aircrew over in Iraq. Some may not know that my friend Teresa, the proprietress of Technicalities, has a son serving in Iraq. That son is a flight engineer on a Chinook.

As I sit and pray for the safety of my friend's son I can't help but know that five sons (or daughters) ARE dead. So we pray, hoping that He will understand that we are not praying for someone else's world to crumble, although someone's has. Just once, Lord, five unmarried, surly orphans. No? Then, please, not my friend.

Note: If you are antiwar or antiBush, please pray anyway. We, the nation decided on this war, right or wrong. The decision was made with plenty of discussion, lots of information. Every congresscritter had access to the same information that Bush and Rumsfeld had. Some of that information was wrong. Some was right. Just like in every war in history. Just, please, don't drop a bunch of Bush lied! comments here. Not now.

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