Saturday, March 31, 2007

The EU Declares that Calling Muslim Terrorists Muslim Terrorists Is Illegal.

I read that the EU (pronounced EWWW!) has declared it illegal to call Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists. This means that I have to figure out what to call Muslim terrorists instead of calling them Muslim terrorists.

This is a difficult question for me since the Muslim terrorist seems to have Islam as the central part of his or her life and they seem to be quite happy to kill people for being non Muslim, the wrong kind of Muslim or even being the right kind of Muslim anywhere near a "normal" terrorist target.

I have noticed also that CAIR seems to get their panties all in a wad over calling Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists. So do liberals.

Oddly, the only people who don't seem to be too worried about calling Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists are Muslim terrorists. From what I've read it seems that the last words of a Muslim terrorists before (s)he pushes the button are Allah Akbar or God is great. So, it seems that the Muslim terrorist is proud to be a Muslim terrorist but everyone else is afraid to call them Muslim terrorists.

I wonder about the thinking of these EWWW types. Do they think that calling Muslim terrorists fuzzy little puppies or whatever term they come up with will make them survive an attack by Muslim terrorists?

I realise that there is a school of thought that says calling a Muslim terrorist a Muslim terrorist will make someone of low IQ think that every Muslim is a Muslim terrorist. So after a Muslim terrorist kills a bunch of people they start screeching about The Religion Of Peace. Well, yeah. The people the Muslim terrorist has just killed now have all the peace they can handle. The families, friends and those who clean up the mess aren't feeling very peaceful, though.
Me, I figure I'll have peace enough if I live another couple of decades and die of being old. I don't need to be sent away early by an emissary of the Religion Of Peace.

Instead of worrying about all these real smart people concerned about what to call a Muslim terrorist I'll just wonder why we aren't killing more of them.

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