Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fence IsUp, Need Name For The New Puppy.

My Pard Steve came out and we put up the fence, five feet tall, 80 feed wide by about eighty feet long. We saved money by using the house as one side of the fence instead of going out to the property line.

I am scheduled to ache for the next week, maybe the next month but all the posts are in, the wire strung and fastened. Woot!

My Pard Steve didn't quite understand the hurry, some folks living a couple of miles away had a large litter of AKC German Shepherd puppies and after the bad luck we've had our large dogs being killed I wasn't allowed one until the fence was up. These folks had a price range far lower than "professional" breeders although this pup has had her first shots, wormed, etc. Plus they use the same Vet we do so we are starting out with a known quality. When we take her into the Vet for the next worming, scheduled real soon, we can have her general health looked at too and have the chance to cancel the deal. I doubt we'll need to, I met both the sire and the Dam. Both nice large, seem smart and well socialized.

We have to figure out an AKC name for her. Sire is Cochise Apache War Chief, Dam is Little Eagle. I reckon those folks like the cowboy and Indian movies. I can't think of any Apache girl names, offhand. I'll figure something out, wasn't Cochise Geronimo's father or was that Mangus Colorado? Hmm, I'd better Google up some Apache history. The Tribes I'm familiar with were somewhat east of the Apache.

Oh well, pictures will follow in the next few days.

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Sarah Etheridge said...

I have your dogs sibling out of apache warchief