Monday, March 26, 2007

Why Aren't There Loud Noises?

I do not understand why Iran has anything left that will float or fly. I do not understand why there is a single Army barracks left standing over there, nor tank left unexploded. Why are there any Mullah's homes standing?

Iran has been at war with the West since the Carter Administration. I know our ground troops are somewhat extended these days but we've lots of bombers, fighter bombers, cruise missiles and attack helicopters that seem to not be doing too much. For that matter, if Iran were full of smoking holes our ground troops would probably have a little time to take a nice nap.

I realise that this Ahmadingbat character specialises in talking ferociously but does he have anything that can stop our Air and Naval Air? How about a volley of missiles into the air and radar sites, followed by the B2s and F117s. With all of the trouble Iran has had over the last few years I doubt it would take long before we had a clear sky for our conventional aircraft.

The War Powers Act gives us some 90 days before the idiot Democrats can do anything but whine. Somehow I don't think Iran would be a problem after 70 days of air hyperwar, a three day halt and then ten days to clean up any leftovers. Then we have a week to get everyone away.

We are halfway to that old button from the hippie days. Trouble is, it's not "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?". It's we have a war where they are fighting and we are not.

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