Friday, March 16, 2007

Cohise's Apache Princess

We've decided on the name for the puppy, Cochise's Apache Princess, her callin' name will be princess.

She is eight weeks old, born January 15, 2007. I hope we are astrologically compatible. I believe she was born under a Speed Limit 20 sign. I was born under a neon sign. It said "HOSPITAL". Any astrology gurus are invited to comment.

I took her to the Vet yesterday for her checkup, she weighs 17.8 pounds. She got a clean bill of health. The only problem is some kind of "newborn" hernia, she has a tiny hernia around her belly button. The Doc says that he will fix that when he spays her, unless we decide to breed her, if we don't spay her it will be about fifty bucks to fix the hernia.

George was about four months old when we got him, this girl is half that, that might explain why she cries so much. It is driving Linda Lou crazy. She hated it when the kids whined, she doesn't much like Princess doing it now.

I hope Linda Lou doesn't real mad at me for a while. She was trying to push Princess down the back stairs* to go outside last night, lost her balance and fell down the stairs. Naturally, as deaf as I am, I did not hear her calling me. Boy, am I in trouble! Anyhow she has two skinned knees and a big scrape over her left eye, along with a somewhat black eye. If Linda Lou even hints that I beat her I'm off to jail. I've never raised a hand against her, though. I have never understood the mentality of someone who would hit his, or hers for that matter, spouse and then go to sleep. I REALLY do not understand the mentality of the beaten person allowing the beater to wake up.

I'm not exactly the biggest, meanest feller around. I can be beaten up but if you do, leave town. I'm coming back and I'll have something in my hand. Linda Lou believes that same thing. My proof that I don't hit her? I'm breathing.

*Princess is still trying to learn stairs.

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