Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Gate Is Up, The Stupid Dogs Still Won't Stay In

Saturday my son in law came out to help with the fence, he brought a friend, too. Good thing, as we would have been just barely getting started with the concrete when we were actually finished. So, Dean dug the postholes while his friend, Cliff, and I mixed the concrete and set the poles.

Cliff is a city feller and did not know to bring a hat, fortunatly one of my staw hats fit well enough so the Sun didn't fry his brain. City folks tend to forget that it does not have to be hot to get sunburnt. Anyhow we had all the posts up and concreted in in only a couple of hours. Now comes the fun part, ramming some twenty-five to thirty of the other posts into the ground and then stringing the wire "net". My Pard, Steve was going come out and we'd get it done tomorrow, unfortunately it rained yesterday like a brown cow peein' on a flat rock, with more scattered showers today.

The amusing thing about the day was Cliff, while wearing a western hat, said "I don't know what's wrong but I feel like I just gotta shoot something." Heh. So when the work was done I got out the .22 and let him empty it at a water bottle. Not bad, he hit it seven out of ten shots. Then he tried a shot out of one of my .45 Colt clones, with a black powder round. To keep the bullet from richocheting around he pegged that shot at a concrete block, hit it dead center but he didn't want another shot with that. The last shot was out of my mule ear double twelve gauge, again a hit. I'm not sure I'm gonna let him shoot my irons anymore.

I had a Cowboy Action Shoot scheduled on Sunday so I set my clock forward like I was supposed to and went to bed earlier than normal, about midnight thirty or so, all those years on the night shift still make early to bed difficult. As always happens when I set my alarm I woke up every hour worrying about not getting any sleep. Then It started raining, I woke up again and turned off the alarm. Ever since forever just the fact of setting the alarm makes it hard to sleep. Dunno why.

Anyhow we put the gate up Sunday, after the concrete had set. I then put the dogs inside and told them that this was their new playground. Idiot dogs just ran around the gate. Stupid dogs. Meanwhile some folks that live a couple of miles away have a new litter of AKC German Shepherd puppies, only $250 per, I'm hoping that the fence is up before that one little female that fell in love with me is gone.

Stupid dogs, I shut the gate and told them to stay inside.

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