Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Battle Of Daddy's Lap

Except for the ongoing Battle Of Daddy's Lap the dogs have pretty well adjusted to the new puppy. I would wager that they will soon solve the burning question of who gets to sit in the chair with me. If for no other reason that Princess will be too big to fit in the chair. Until then, though, I need an armored codpiece.

We were worried about how Ming would adjust to the puppy as she doesn't much like anyone but us. As it is, she seems quite happy. Eddie loves to play with Princess so he is leaving Ming alone. So she lays in her bed making little Pug grunts of contentment while they fight all over the floor, or my lap. I'm glad Ming is happy.

The fence is working well, there is a little bit too much gap in the gate, the pup can get through. The Pug's heads are too big and since the pup will be growing I should be able to take those cinderblocks down, perhaps by next Tuesday.

Speaking of growing puppies, I learned something from my Vet. Seems that the expensive "large breed puppy" food has something in it to slow the growth of the puppies. They still grow, and just as big, only more slowly. This is alleged to help prevent hip dysplasia. I don't know why he didn't tell me about it when we had George, maybe he was too big by the time we got him. The kind the Doc touts is Science Diet.

While I really missed going to DC for the Gathering of Eagles I can report that there were no moonbats protesting out here. I reckon the dogs scared 'em off. Good dogs.

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