Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I've been really busy the last week or so. I have everything I need to build my fence, my son in law is coming out Saturday to help with the postholes and concrete for the big main poles and gate. Since the only gates they had that were tall enough to keep a German Shepherd in were too narrow for my lawn tractor I bought a big old panel of chain link six foot tall dog kennel. We looked kind o' funny driving around with that on the roof of the van. I'm not real sure we shouldn't have just bought a mess of these panels, bolted them together into a small kennel and then added a couple of panels per payday.

The van was kind of leaning, too, what with 400 pounds of quickcrete sacks along with the rest of everything.

I've been busy trying to cast my bullets out of my new mold, it is taking a lot of ugly words. My little ten pound electric furnace doesn't hold enough lead alloy to keep the mold hot enough to run good bullets so I'm using my six cavity mold as a two cavity until I get my twenty pound furnace. Running both furnaces I should be able to run the mold as designed.

At any rate I have a shoot this Sunday so I am busy trying to load enough black powder ammo so I can shoot my class, instead of having to fool around with that heathen fad smokeless stuff. I have the bullets cast and lubed and the cartridge cases cleaned, resized and primed. Now it's just dumping the powder, adding a half cc of dry grits and seating the bullets.

Things sure seem odd these days, Scooter Libby is headed to prison while Sandy Burglar got plea bargained down to a misdemeanor. That is just sick. Note: when dealing with the Feds, always have a lawyer and if brought before a Grand Jury, say nothing. A determined prosecutor can, with enough time, get Mother Theresa on a process crime. Have enough Feebs interview you and then haul you, a co-operative witness who durned well knew that he did not commit the "crime" of "outing" an analyst and you too can be guilty of four felonies. Give me an unlimited budget and a squad of Feebs and a grand jury and I could put Fitzfong (or is it Nifgerald?) in prison. If he was silly enough to try to cooperate.

In other news we sure are eager to throw our own people over the side. Seems that Ann Coulter has become persona non grata at all the cool parties. Let's see, the left can bring up Dick Cheney's daughter at the debates and they can, while ex(?) Klansman Byrd is the conscience of the Senate demand that because Jeff Gannon posed for pictures his livelihood is ruined. So now we throw Ann out of the boat? Sorry. I'm not going to. I don't care that all the cool people have the vapors. What the heck, I'm not good enough to be allowed to comment on Hot Air anyway. I don't remember Ann throwing Malkin overboard when the left was attacking her over her book on the Japanese internment.

Would I have phrased that comment exactly like Ann did? No. Still, I have stuck my foot in my mouth enough times in my life that I'll not hit Ann. Even if she does need a sandwhich and a milk shake.

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