Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why I Hate The Left

I do not pretend to hide my dislike of Leftists. I do not like to hear or see them preening about how my side is the Party of Hate while they lament the fact that Dick Cheney wasn't killed in a bombing and wish the Taliban better luck next time.

I do not like the way the Democrats refused to state a position on the war leading up to the election and then, when they won a razor thin majority, claiming the American People support "their plan" on that war.

I am not particularly happy about Leftists telling me how I am ruining "Mother Earth" while their leaders flit about in private jets and build 28,000 square foot mansions, al la The Breck Girl or use twice as much electricity in a month as the average American home uses in a year, as does Algore.

I am not real happy about Leftists claiming that I hate women while they support those who would kill women for the crime of going to school or driving. I do not like Leftists telling me that my side hates gays while they support those who would kill them. I do not like being called racist while the Left sides with those killing black people in Darfur by the thousands.

Most of all I hate the Left for siding with those who wish to kill my grandchildren.

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