Friday, April 27, 2012

Nothing Much

 Not much to talk about right now. The big deal is that my mechanically minded pal came out and we fixed my lawn tractor, then I half killed myself mowing the full acre that my neighbor lady and I have. Her late husband was out in the Texas high summer mowing his lawn with one of those little electric push mowers and I offered mine. This was right after they moved in and the grass was powerful high. Well he liked that so much better than the push mower he offered to mow both our yards with my mower. Naturally I jumped on that like a chicken on a June Bug. Then after John died his widow, Patsy kept it up. Well now Patsy is sick and the mower died. We got it fixed and so I mowed. And mowed. And then mowed some more. and Monday I'm gonna have to start all over. I shoulda moved to the second floor someplace where the yard wasn't on me.

 And Patsy doesn't quite trust herself to drive so we took her for her doctor appt. yesterday, we were in that Dr. Office from 2:30 to nearly five PM and it wasn't because she was waiting, either. It took that long for the consult. This afternoon I'm taking her to Rockwall to the Open Imaging place where she is going to have four different tests. I do not know how long this will take, I'm not gonna hang around, though. I'll drop her off and go to Half Price Books and the Verizon store and buy some minutes for my phone, then off to Micky D' and sit and drink coffee and fool around with the laptop. And get a couple of their cheap fish sammiches. Don' ask why but I like them.

 I'm kinda in withdrawals I didn't get online at all yesterday. I don't know what is going on in the world without my Intertoobz! And no! Of course I won't be there at MickeyD's either.

 Anyhow, Linda Lou is recovering from her knee surgery. Later this year I think I'll be able to start going to Cowboy Action matches again.

 So, anyhow, I'll be writing something when I have something to say. Meanwhile I'm curious. The Obama Regime is doing it's level best to stir up racial strife. Funny, every time there has been heavy racial strife this last hundred years or so, the Republicans have won. After the resurgence of the Klu Klux Klan during the Progressive Wilson Admin we had Republican sweeps until FDR. Then after the riots of the '60s we got Nixon. I'm wondering if this "brain" trust isn't smart enough to know history or if he's gonna try to stop the elections. That would be interesting. The Secret Service is under Napolito (sp?), a creature of the Obama Regime, the U. S. Marshall's are under the Courts. Now the SS are sworn to protect the Constitution, would they let the Marshalls drag the Regime out in cuffs? That would be their sworn duty. Now I don't recall, persactly, the rank structure of the Marshalls Service but among police and sheriffs the usual thing is that from the rank of Lieutenant up it's all political. Some extra crooked towns like Chicago it's from SGT. up. So the bosses and those in the plum jobs would go with the Regime, the rank and file types would go with the Constitution. I wonder what Chinese type cursed us with the old "May you live in interesting times".


pamibe said...

...always knew you were a good guy, Peter. :)

Peter said...

Well I do wear a white hat!