Tuesday, May 01, 2012

What An Ordeal

 My pal Steve came out here to the Poorfarm and worked his butt off for two solid days. This after he worked another whole day fixing out mower. He redid two spots where water leaks had made soft spots in the floor and put new vinyl down in those spots, put a mess of shelves up and fixed our washing machine.

 Steve does this for a living but he was between jobs. He talked a pal of his who runs a warehouse for flooring and got enough leftover vinyl and plywood for the job and had salvaged the shelving from some sort of remodel. I will be paying for this for as long as he tells me to, he does things like this and we send him fifty bucks a month until he's feeling as if we treated him well. Steve is a contractor, mainly flooring but also fencing, mechanical stuff, whatever it takes to put food on the table. And between real jobs he does things like this.

 So, anyhow I know this would have cost a couple-three thousand dollars that I simply don't have. And between me and the other folks Steve does this for he gets a hundred and fifty- two hundred bucks a month, enough for a nice dinner with his wife or a trip on their Harley every so often. A good deal all around.  I'm not exactly sure what I did in life to deserve a friend like this but I'm blessed. Wore plumb to a nub but blessed.

 We found what happened to the washer, the field mice that enter the house ate through the hoses. and flooded the joint. Had to get dogs, couldn't get a mean, mouse eatin' cat, no, had to get dogs. Anyhow, next time I call Steve it better be an invitation to go shootin'!

 I'm going to be busy for a while, cleaning the crud and dog hair that formed around the piles of stuff we had no room for. The way my health is I can only work around ten-fifteen minutes on my feet, then I need to sit until the back spasms quit.  Then another ten-fifteen minutes, lather, rinse, repeat. If I had known I'd live this long...


pamibe said...

God bless friends like Steve!

You mean Bingo couldn't be bothered to catch some little ol' mice? I've got a vicious dachshund here that would love the chance... ;)

Peter said...

Bingo just looks and goes back to sleep. CAP would love to catch them but they're too small and hang out in places she can't reach.

My neighbor Patsy had a black cat move in on Friday the 13th. Apparently this is either an abandoned cat or ran away for some strange feline reason.

Bingo T. Pug simply ignored the cat, named Friday, BTW, until he jumped into my lap. This was intolerable because that is Bingo T. Pug's own, private lap! Ever since then he's chased that cat whenever he sees it. Maybe if I could convince those mice to jump into my lap he'd chase them, too.

Stupid dogs don't even defend their food dish. I have to sweep mouse poop from around it!

I had to move to the country. I really need to live in the Silver Leaves Home for Terminally Horny Elderly Ladies. But, noooo! I had to move to Resume Speed, Texas and get dogs.