Friday, April 06, 2012

Mary Grace

We heard from #2 son back in the NASCAR country in the North Carolina hills. They had their fith child yesterday morning, finally a girl. A nice big girl, too, 22 inches and nine pounds, eleven ounces. We can afford her to be cute, if the good Lord wills, she'll have four big brothers.

With that that news I suspect Stephanie will be wanting to try again for a girl. with her three boys. Oh, and news such as this is why we'll win in the long run, lefty types tend to have one designer baby, late in life.

This afternoon they are putting Linda Lou in the wheelchair van and taking her to a rehab center close to the hospital Linda Lou is being held. Looks like about thirty days or so there. I'm going to take the last of the month's money and fill the tank and go see her tomorrow, take her some more clothes and her own wheelchair, a couple stuffed pugs, maybe some books. We're still trying to dig out from how deep the last hole I dug, driving back and forth to the hospital and skipping bills to buy gas, this time I'm leaving her there and not spending money we don't have, visiting. So, this time, none of that. Bingo T. Pug is just going to have to miss his Momma.

So, I'm single for the next month. Seein' as how I'm too broke to go chase a nice chubby girl with low morals I'll just stay home and eat stuff my doctor doesn't wish me to. Speaking of stuff my Doc doesn't want me to eat, think I'll thaw a little steak.

Granddaughter pics when they come available. Mary Grace. Nice name.


pamibe said...

Congratulations on the newest addition! LOVE the name Mary Grace!

A month?? Well, needs must. Hope it goes by quickly for all concerned.

Tammi said...

Oh Congratulations Peter. The babies are SUCH a blessing, and with a name like Mary Grace that's a given.

Lots and lots of prayers going out to you and your lovely wife.....please know that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy day! Best congratulations on the beautiful girl.

vwbug said...

Ohhhhh another grandchild. How cool is that! Congrats! And it is nice to hear they are putting your wife in rehab... sounds like she is working her way home. Hugs and prayers for all of you.

Mrs. Who said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby...Mary Grace is a beautiful name!